1 Million KM on Liqui Moly

A Belgium motorist has just reach a very significant milestone in his Mercedes E 270 CDI. Marc Ghys from Wiekevorst has become a KM millionaire and having passed the million kilometre mark in his trusty car, he put a large part of the vehicle longevity down to oils and additives by LIQUI MOLY.

Marc’s mechanic says that the motor is still in an exceptional condition thanks to LIQUI MOLY even after averaging 60,000 Km a year in his 2000 E Class. Marc says he used LIQUI MOLY right from the start. LIQUI MOLY oil was used at every change and in every second oil service the oil circuit was cleaned with LIQUI MOLY Motorclean and LIQUI MOLY Cera Tec was added as wear protection. This combination ensured a clean engine and the extra protection for a long service life. Just five injectors and a few glow plugs have been the sum of the major maintenance over the 17 years.

One slight issue is that at the million milestone the six-figure odometer gave up the ghost and got stuck at 999,999 km. Evidently the Mercedes engineers had not expected such a high mileage.

Marc Ghys has now bought a new car, a Mercedes E 220 d and that will also get the full LIQUI MOLY treatment.