obdThe future of the OBD connector, the small communication device that allows independent garages access to vehicle diagnostic data, is under threat, because of changes to EU vehicle type approval legislation. Without an OBD, the independent garage would find it much more difficult to diagnose and repair cars and franchised dealers would have an unfair advantage. If cars are allowed to be made with no OBD connector the consequences are serious. Independent garages, motor factors and many other motor trade companies would be under severe threat. It would also mean service and repair prices would rise and customer choice would be diminished.

Discussions are currently taking place in Brussels that could have a serious impact on the future of the aftermarket and it is important for your European representative to be aware of the importance of this issue.

To save the OBD and put pressure on your MEP to ensure the independent aftermarket has easy and economical access to the diagnostic information please take a few moments to sign a petition organised by Autobiz magazine. Just go to and type in your details and your name will be added to a petition for your area.

Please also encourage your customers to do the same and   spread the word to as many people as possible.

Remember without an OBD manufacturers would effectively have a monopoly on vehicle diagnostic data and independent garages would only be able to access information such as fault codes and diagnostic readings through manufacturer controlled servers, if at all.

The very future of the aftermarket in Europe is at stake and with it some 3.5 million jobs in 500,000 companies, many of which play a vital role in their local community.

This is a very real and genuine threat and one that every aftermarket company in Ireland needs to be aware of.

Please do not sit back and assume that the current status quo on the connector will be maintained. Take a few moments to sign the petition now at