New FAI Oil Sump Range

Now available in our FAI product line-up is a new range of high quality oil sump pans. There are currently 50 products available with more to be added and each comes with a sump plug and relevant gasket for installation.

FAI sump pans are made to OE specifications and are leak and pressure tested to ensure long life and hassle free fitting. Each is Laser etched with an FAI logo to provide quality assurance. Both aluminium and steel versions are available for 22 vehicle brands and 2500 individual applications. These are detailed on the MAM digital catalogue and will shortly be available on TecDoc.

Sump pans are prone to damage because of poor roads, debris and speed bumps. Damage can lead to corrosion and oil loss which can mean  serious engine failure. For this reason inspecting and, where required, replacing sump pans is recommended every time a vehicle is in the workshop.