An energy drink for your engine

lm-energyJust like people, some times engines can require an energy boost and just like an energy drink, Liqui Moly Speed Tec additives can make engines more responsive and alert.

Speed Tec Gasoline is an effective petrol fuel additive specially developed to noticeably improve acceleration and throttle response under partial load. It cleans and optimises engine performance for increased driving pleasure and a better starting smoother running engine.

Speed Tec Diesel can have the same effect on diesel engines. It improves performance and provides added protection. It is suitable for all diesel engines both with and without diesel particulate filters and is tested safe with catalytic converters and turbochargers.

Both Speed Tec products provide a quick and easy energy boost for an engine by simply adding to the fuel tank. Each 250ml pack is sufficient for up to 70 Litres of fuel.