Revive an engine heartbeat with FAI Oil Pumps

fai-oilWhen it comes to Oil Pump replacement, FAI offers a complete solution with all types of pump for all kinds of engines. FAIs extensive range of oil pumps encompasses all common pump designs and drive types. FAI can offer over 130 oil pumps covering in excess of 1300 applications including covering European, Korean and Japanese vehicles.

The full FAI range of oil pumps comprises of:

  • Gear Pumps
  • Vane Pumps
  • Crescent Pumps
  • Rotor Pumps

It also covers the following drive types:

  • Auxiliary Driven Pump
  • Belt Driven Pump
  • Chain Driven Pump
  • Crankshaft Driven Pump
  • Gear Driven Pump
  • Shaft Driven Pump

ADE can offer access to the complete range of high quality FAI oil pumps.