lucas-agm-febOne of the coldest winters in recent years has put a big strain on many vehicle batteries and as the cold mornings continue to bite, demand for battery replacements remains very healthy.

The mild winters of previous years mean that many batteries that would have previously needed replacing some time ago have been able to provide starting power for much longer than normal. However, there effectiveness has been diminished and many are now failing, or struggling on cold mornings. This is especially true of many AGM and EFB batteries for start-stop applications, with this sector of the market growing quickly this winter.

With our comprehensive Lucas battery range, ADE is geared up to meet this demand. Lucas batteries are OE spec to meet the latest automotive demands. We stock batteries for all types of car and commercial vehicle, with some 99% coverage available. This includes AGM and EFB batteries for start-stop applications.

All batteries are in stock and available for immediate delivery and are competitively priced to offer excellent value. If you need a battery think Lucas from ADE first.