osram2Bulbs are still big business at this time of year, but many factors and garages miss out on extra bulb sales potential because they threat them as a commodity to be sold at the lowest price. The truth is most customers want the peace of mind of a good quality bulb and are prepared to pay a little extra for it. Many also like the added benefits of better visibility or extra long life which means less regular replacement.

The Osram range from ADE is the best way to rise above the average when it comes to bulbs. Osram is the most respected name when it comes to automotive lighting products and by offering Osram products you are already standing out from the crowd with a genuine original equipment high quality bulb offer.

Osram also offer a great range of up-sell bulb options which customers often favour when the benefits are explained. This not only means increased revenue but also boosts customer satisfaction.

For example, Osram Ultra Life can last up to four times longer than a standard bulb and this is something that is worth serious consideration, especially with bulb changes becoming more complex and taking more time on many models.

Another way to stand out is by offering Osram Nightbreaker Plus bulbs as a replacement option. These bulbs deliver 110% more light and a 40m longer beam than a standard bulb, making night driving safer and easier (see above).

Simply by offering alternatives you can really boost your bulb business and ADE and Osram can be the perfect partners.