Dayco — OE High Tenacity Technology for the aftermarket

daycohtDayco HT timing belts are designed to cope with the extreme demands of lastest generation common-rail diesel engines. These unique belts guarantee the efficient and constant coupling between the various components of the transmission, making use of advanced materials and a special PTFE film that is coupled with the teeth covering fabric.

The HT belt can be easily identified with its unique white covering on the internal side, resulting from the presence of the PTFE film, an exclusive Dayco patent. With this new technology, Dayco has succeeded in significantly increasing the belt wear resistance.

HT timing belts are used on the latest generation engines of car manufacturers such as VW, Ford, Renault, Fiat, Volvo, GM and PSA. today, two timing belts out of three produced by Dayco for the OE market are HT belts.

A full range of replacement Dayco HT timing belts is available in loose or in kit form, including a water pump.