A boosts for business through sump sales

fai-sumpA bad winter has seen the deterioration of many road surfaces meaning pothole debris can often attack the underside of a vehicle. The sump pan is directly in the firing line and is also under threat from speed humps. If a sump is in any way damaged there is a risk of engine failure, so checking and replacement, where required, is highly recommended.

Our FAI product line-up now offers a sump range consisting of 50 separate references all of which are leak and pressure tested. Each sump is also laser etched with the FAI logo to signify the quality of the part. All FAI sump pans include the sump plug and gasket or silicon as required.

FAI sumps are 'wet sumps', serving as a reservoir for the engine oil required in the lubrication of the bearings, pistons, valve train and other internal components. The wet sump is a more practical design as it is bolted to the bottom of the engine so there is no need for external hoses or pipes. Wet sump engines will have a single oil pump fitted, generally in close proximity to the sump so the oil pick up pipe can feed from the sump.

FAI Sump pans are available in steel or aluminium dependent on the vehicle manufacturer's requirements and each contain a drain plug for ease where can i buy viagra with paypal of oil changes.