ufi-fuelThe advanced precision engineering of the latest technology engines means that clean filtered fuel is essential to maintain the optimum performance, economy and emissions. When it comes to fuel filter choice the preference of leading vehicle manufactures around the globe is UFI.

UFI filters are chosen as Original Equipment by the largest automotive manufacturing groups including BMW, Fiat, Ford, GM Group, Hyundai-KIA, Mercedes-Benz, PSA, Nissan-Renault, Volkswagen and many more. All of these vehicle makes know they can have complete confidence in UFI filters and systems backed by 35 years of expertise and unparalleled success in motorsports fields such as Formula 1, WRC and Moto GP.

The UFI aftermarket range available from ADE offers identical quality to the filters that are fitted as OE. UFI diesel filters ensure the utmost protection and performance with innovative filter materials to guarantee the security of injectors and the injection pump. UFI H2O and WATER ELIMINATOR filters are patented to ensure the highest possible level for separation of water residue from the fuel and have excellent impurity filtration capacities. UFI diesel technology is available on the market both for Common Rail systems and for modern diesel engines.

UFI petrol filters fully meet the requirements of advanced engines including high flow rates and longer maintenance intervals.  The petrol filter range includes more than 300 reference to offer comprehensive market coverage with many of the filters in the range unique to UFI in the aftermarket.