UFI showcases latest OE innovations

ufi-may18Emphasising its global strength UFI Filters recently showcased some of its latest innovations at A global company now in Automechanika in Dubai. In particular the exhibition was used to highlight some of UFI’S latest OE developments, which are also available for the aftermarket through ADE. These included:

The oil filter for IVECO and NEW HOLLAND applications, available in the aftermarket catalogue as a complete module under the UFI code 65.087.00 and the replacing cartridge with the UFI code 25.111.00 The multi-layer pleated filter media ensures high-filtration efficiency (more 99.5% @12μ), high pressure resistance (more than 35 bar) and thanks to the plastic housing a lightweight construction.

The complete module of the oil filter for BMW applications with replacement available under UFI 25.148.00. The high technology module has a body made from plastic, reinforced with fiberglass that ensures significant weight savings, reduced fuel consumption and a drop in pollutant emissions. The filter can operate under pressures of up to 5 bar and even greater. The filter media maximizes the filter surface area minimizing the pressure drops and the efficiency.

The fuel filter for BMW and MINI applications, UFI 31.926.01, characterised by an aluminium casing and horizontal positioning directly connected to the chassis. This allows both the weight and size of the unit to be kept to a minimum. The internal filter element, with cellulose filtering media, ensures a filtration efficiency of over 96% with particles of 4 μm, even with high mileages.

The top performance fuel pre-filter for MAN applications available under the UFI code 24.035.01. The cellulose-synthetic cialis pas cher media ensures high filtration efficiency, water separation capacity more than 98%.

The drying filter for heavy duty breaking systems on IVECO and many other applications, FI code 27.259.00. This avoids condensation of the air humidity contained in the system. The porous media has the capacity to absorb and retain the humidity of the air that passes through it, discharging the water deposit to the exterior of the braking system through a suitable air circulation. Drying filters consequently increase the reliability and the durability of the braking system.

The oil filter for powerful 5.0 litre V8 and 3.0 litre engines for JAGUAR and LAND ROVER applications. The filter cartridge is available under the UFI code 25.073.02. This is made of synthetic fibres allowing a very high filtering efficiency of contaminant particles. To ensure a reduction in pressure drops and high ageing resistance, the synthetic fibres feature a high permeation rate and thermal-chemical compatibility.