fai-window-5-18The harsh winter may be drifting from the memory but it is quite likely to have left its mark on many vehicle window regulators. Trying to operate the window during freezing conditions is the number one cause of failure as ice build-up on the windows can put additional stress on the motor, in turn this can damage the nylon gears which can crack and break. Cables are also likely to get damaged with the added stress cold weather puts on the internal mechanism.

Just as cold weather affects people, it also affects vehicles. Window regulators have lubricants in the motor and cable drive to aid proper function. In colder weather these lubricants lose viscosity and the drives become less efficient because they require more energy to turn. The result is that many window regulators fail as they are subject to increasing use in the spring and summer months.

Garages all too often assume that a replacement will have to be sourced from a dealer, usually with a hefty price tag. However, our FAI range features a huge selection of replacement window regulators at very competitive prices. The range covers over 350 part numbers and features regulators both with and without motors. These all come which come with a 12 month / 12,000 mile warranty. Each window regulator also comes in a robust box, along with fitment instructions.

The range includes regulators for Scissor System, Bowden Systems and Double Bowden System. There is a also wide selection of panel or pre mounted window regulators which reduce repair times.

The range is constantly being updated to reflect latest demand patterns in this growing and potentially lucrative sector. Recent important additions include:

BMW 1 Series E81 06-13 (2 door)

Front Left:

FAI No. WR325

OE Ref: 51337165595

Front Right:

FAI No. WR326

OE Ref: 51337165596


MINI R56,R57 07-15 (2 door)

Front Left:

FAI No. WR327

OE Ref: 51332756083

Front Right:

FAI No. WR328

OE Ref: 51332756084


SEAT Altea, Toledo lll 04-09 (4 door)

Front left:

FAI No. WR329

OE Ref: 5P0837461

Front right:

FAI No. WR330

OE Ref: 5P0837462