The LIQUI MOLY DPF problem solver

lm-dpf-jul-18DPF problems are on the rise as more and more diesel cialis pas cher cars reach a critical phase in their life cycle when normal regeneration is not enough to effectively clean them. This often means a car’s DPF warning light will come on or worse still the vehicle may go into limp mode.

 When this happens replacing the DPF, which can cost thousands, is not the only alternative. The Liqui Moly DPF cleaning system offers a simple and cost effective solution to DPF problems. The kit contains everything needed to clean and flush the filter and get it operating properly again. It features a robust gun, flexible hose connections to access tricky areas and wand adaptors for different vehicles. It means technicians can access and clean the DPF without the need to disassemble, meaning big time and cost savings.

The gun is used with PRO-LINE Diesel Particulate Filter Cleaner, a highly effective fluid for cleaning clogged DPFs. It dissolves contaminants quickly and effectively to improve engine performance and lower fuel consumption. This is used in conjunction with PRO-LINE Diesel Particulate Filter Purge.

Using this kit can solve DPF issues and provides garages with an excellent additional business opportunity. Our Liqui Moly range also features some excellent fuel additives for DPF preventative maintenance,