The original Hyundai fuel filter solution

ufi-hyundaiWater, sludge, and all the other pollutants contained within diesel fuels are particularly harmful to cars. The diesel filter, therefore, is a crucial component that ensures proper performance and long engine life. ADE filter supplier UFI Filters has developed the most technologically advanced solutions to meet all filtration requirements, including efficiency, particle retention capacity, water separation and pressure drop resistance. These solutions are supplied OE to leading car makers and are available in the UFI aftermarket range as the only true matching OE products.

The HYUNDAI Tucson II 1.7, 2.0 CRDI 06/15 and KIA Sportage IV 1.7, 2.0 CRDI 01/16 are two of the most popular car on Irish roads and UFI is the only aftermarket range that can offer a genuine OE replacement fuel filter for these models (Part No.. 24.123.00)

The diesel fuel module for Hyundai applications comprises an aluminium head that acts as a seat for the fuel connectors and the pressure sensor, a heater and the filter on which the water presence sensor is located. This is all supplied inside a retainer to protect the system in an impact. A dual stage filter element is housed inside the steel casing of the filter: a first barrier for impurities and water formed by a cellulose based media and a second made of a hydrophobic mesh to eliminate residual water particles. The guaranteed filtering efficiency is greater than 99% at 4 μm, while the water separation exceeds 90%. The water presence sensor alerts the user when an excessive amount collects at the bottom of the filter. Filter replacement simply requires its disassembly from the other components in the filtering system.