Sensing opportunity with FISPA

Replacement electronic components, such as valves, sensors and other precision parts, remains one of the major growth areas of the automotive aftermarket in Ireland and ADE can help you unlock great business potential in this sector with our FISPA range.

With OE pedigree and ISO accredited production facilities, FISPA offers so much more than just a limited range of EGR valves on offer from some suppliers. It also offers excellent coverage on many other specialist components that are more and more frequently requiring replacement as the new technology car populations ages. For example included in our FISPA range we can also offer excellent coverage on:

  • fispa-augExhaust gas pressure sensors
  • Air flow mass meters
  • ABS sensors
  • Throttle bodies (with excellent coverage on VW, Audi)
  • Fuel pumps
  • Cam and crank sensors
  • Thermostats with housings
  • Fuel level sender
  • Oxygen sensors
  • Switches and sensors
  • Pressure regulators
  • Oil coolers
  • Oil breather valves
  • And many more.

Many of these items are often perceived as dealer only parts but not only are they available in the FISPA range, with many being genuine OE options, but also customers can make substantial savings over prices on offer from the dealership.

Full details of FISPA products can be found on TecDoc or by a search of the online catalogue at The range is also consistently updated to reflect the fast changing nature of this aftermarket sector.