osram-oct18Bulbs are sure to be big business over the coming months, but could your bulb sales be more profitable? Automotive lighting technology has moved on leaps and bounds in recent years, but all too often bulb sellers, garages and motorist still see bulbs as commodity items.

When it comes to headlamp bulbs especially, cheapest is definitely not the best option. The latest technology bulbs not only offer better performance, they also impact on driver comfort and safety, making a switch to a better quality bulb the sensible option on every level. Suggesting this switch can also provide a substantial boost for bulb business.

The key to boost bulb sales profits is up-selling and the Osram range has all the high quality options required.

If you are buying anything from a car to clothes, you will rarely buy on price alone, so why should the price be the deciding factor when it comes to a critical safety component on a car? When options are explained to them, most motorist are prepared to pay a little extra to get the benefits of a better bulb. For example, Osram Ultra Life bulbs last up to four times longer than a standard bulb, meaning they offer more convenience and peace of mind.

For greatly improved on-road night vision the Osram Nightbreaker Laser bulb is another good up-sell option. It offers 110% more light and a 40m longer beam than a standard bulb, making night driving safer and more relaxing because the drivers vision is greatly improved.

As well as headlamp bulbs, our Osram range also includes a complete range of other replacement bulbs, including LED driving lamps and daytime running lamps. We also offer a full range of 12 and 24 volt lighting with competitive pricing across the board.

Make the most of you bulb business this autumn with Osram lighting products from ADE.