UFI - The Formula 1 Filters

ufi-f1The UFI Filters High Tech Division team specialises in the development and production of filtration solutions for “extreme” performances. When it comes to these extremes there are fewer tougher challenges than the world of F1.

7 out of 10 F1 teams choose advanced UFI filtration products, including the world championship winning Mercedes team and Ferrari. It means that on each Grand Prix grid their are over a hundred UFI filters in the line-up. UFI technicians work closely with the teams to develop optimal filtration technologies, working in co-design with the F1 design engineers of the various manufacturers.

The partnership with the racing world began in the 70s with UFI filter first appearing in F1 in 1976. UFI has especially close and longstanding links with Ferrari, supplying over 3,000 individual parts per year, including hydraulic filters, oil filters, fuel filters and air filters.

However, the cutting edge expertise is by no means limited to F1 with UFI also working with leading teams in other competitions such as the MotoGp, the GT2 and GT3 Championships and Superbike. 

The know-how of the UFI High Tech Division is also a key factor in the development of filters for road going vehicles. Here the experience gained at the pinnacle of motorsport is drawn on to provide the same outstanding filtration quality and performance.