New additions made to FAI Engine Bearing range

fai-engine-bearingMany important new additions have been made to our recently introduced FAI range of engine bearings. The extended  range includes many additional part numbers developed to cover popular applications such as VW, Audi, Seat, Skoda, BMW and Mercedes.

The new programme supports FAI’s range of Yenmak Pistons, Rings and Liners and includes 500 Part Numbers covering 25,000 applications and 3,000 Individual engine codes. The part number coding makes product identification simple, with a two letter prefix indicating location:

BB    Big End Bearing Set
BM    Main Bearing Set
BT    Thrust Washer Set
BC    Camshaft Bearing Set
BS    Small End Bearing Set

A new 2019 Engine Bearing catalogue is now available to order using part number CAT20/2019 for a hard copy. It is also available as a pdf. The catalogue includes a lookup by engine code, reference drawings for the bearings and dimensions for crankshaft machining.