A Super Diesel Additive Boost enhanced online oil guide

lm-sda-dec-18Super Diesel Additive from our German oil and additive specialist LIQUI MOLY provides a simple way to remove contamination from injectors and improve overall engine performance and fuel economy.

As soon as an engine starts running, combustion deposits are created. These lead to the engine gradually losing performance, consuming more fuel and the risk of a breakdown. Super Diesel Additive can put a stop to this and restore the original performance of the engine.

The injectors are a critical component. If encrustations form on the tiny openings of the injectors, then the fuel is no longer as finely atomized. It therefore does not combust as thoroughly. The result is that the engine performance level drops, fuel consumption rises and the exhaust emissions increase. This is also a creeping process, meaning the driver often doesn't even notice it. Injectors are high-precision, sensitive components that have to endure pressures of several thousand bars and carry out hundreds of precisely dosed individual injections per second. Combustion deposits clog it up and means the risk of failure, which can mean expensive replacement.

These problems can be solved by adding a can of Super Diesel Additive to the tank every 2000 km. The ingredients dissolve the encrustations on the injectors and thereby improves the spray pattern. This means the engine recovers its original performance and fuel economy. Alongside cleaning, Super Diesel Additive also offers two further advantages. It increases the cetane number and improves the ignition properties of the diesel fuel. It also protects the entire fuel system from corrosion and wear-and-tear and offers protection when fuel quality is poor.