Dayco - A truly original choice

dayco-march19Dayco is one of the worlds most respected automotive component brands and is the original choice of many global vehicle makers when it comes to engine, timing and drive system components.

The Dayco range covers cars, trucks, construction and agricultural machinery and industrial applications, with outstanding quality products backed by a pioneering history off over 100 years of innovation. The range includes, Timing Belts, High Tenacity belts, for new generation diesel engines, Timing belt sets, for engines where the injection pump or countershaft is controlled by a second toothed belt, kits including belts, tensioners, idlers and accessories for timing control and auxiliary unit control, Belt in Oil (BIO) systems, Timing Chain Kits, Timing kits with water pump PV and elastic PV.

Dayco also offers access to a wide range of rigid components including; automatic tensioners, fixed tensioners, hydraulic actuators, pulleys and idlers, as well as high quality dampers that absorb the vibrations generated by the crankshaft.

All Dayco products are featured on the major online digital catalogue platforms and in Dayco’s own comprehensive online catalogue and app. Dayco products are also competitively priced to offer excellent all round value for money.

Dayco components allow garages to fit and forget with original equipment quality providing outstanding performance and long term durability.