Total Timing from Dayco

DAYCO-MAY19Through Dayco ADE can not only offer access to a complete timing range from a leading OE supplier, but also access to know-how and expertise that is second to none.

As one of the largest timing belt manufacturers in the world, Dayco offers a variety of belt constructions suitable for any application using the latest materials and a highly engineered, patented timing belt tooth composite construction.

The Dayco timing belt, designed for OHC and DOHC type engines, features a moulded cog design which runs quieter and is more economical. Dayco belts also feature a premium, high modulus glass fibre cord that delivers precise length stability to keep the engine running smoothly over the life of the belt.

The belt’s compounding and tooth configurations are designed for specific applications ranging from normal service to high performance, high temperature engines where HSN compound is used.

As an original equipment supplier to the major vehicle producers, Dayco timing belts meet all original equipment manufacturer performance requirements. The belts also offer first class performance over an extended service life meaning excellent long term value for customers.

The Dayco timing belt range is fully detailed on Tec Doc and is instock and available from ADE.