Dayco - The best in belt in oil

dayco-bio-june19Our Dayco range offers the complete timing solution and features first class coverage for growing belt in oil synchronous transmission systems.

Belt In Oil (BIO) was a true Dayco innovation created by the brand in 2007 and introduced to the aftermarket in 2014. The BIO system offers a revolution in automotive design, creating a belt able to work inside the engine like a chain in the lubricated area. This means it can deliver the best of both technologies, with the advantages that the chain guarantees in terms of compactness of the engine architecture and adding the flexibility of a belt transmission.

Dayco offer unique Belt In Oil Kits for a wide range of applications that offer many great features:

  • Innovative and cutting-edge materials
  • Robustness and proven reliability on test benches and vehicle fleets
  • Reduced coefficient of friction with relative reduction of energy losses meaning a reduction of consumption and emissions
  • Optimisation of the belt and pulley profile for noise reduction
  • Synergic design of the entire BIO transmission system (belt, guides, tensioners, idler pulleys, pulleys) and not of the single component.