Fremax The quality choice in braking

july-19-fremaxSince its introduction to the ADE product line-up, the Fremax brake brand has been a huge hit with customers and its success keeps on growing. Customers like the comprehensive coverage on offer, are impressed with the great value prices and are delighted with the different look and feel of this outstanding range. But of course when it comes to braking, quality is the vital ingredient and Fremax products offer the type of quality that delivers outstanding braking performance no matter what the conditions. You know you can trust Fremax quality because:

Fremax is homologated by car makers Renault, Mitsubishi Motors and Suzuki, among others, as the supplier of brake discs and drums. It is real quality, attested by major car makers.

Fremax brake discs and drums are manufactured according to standard ISO 9001. This certification ensures uniform quality of all products, and safety in the assembly.

Fremax meets all quality requirements in the production of brake discs and drums for worldwide automakers. Meeting ISO TS 16949 certification means that Fremax is recognised as the right OE choice of quality for major vehicle manufacturers.

Fremax brake discs and drums fully meet the latest ECE R90 II European regulations for quality and safety.