Are you delivering on in-car cabin protection?

july-19-mann-cabinJuly is peak season for pollen, while many other contaminants and pollutants hang in the air. Without a properly functioning cabin filter a driver and their passengers are exposed to these dangers. Bad enough for a normal person, but a particular problem to allergy suffers.

Changing cabin filters regularly is vital, yet many motorists and some garages still remain unaware of the importance.

For example, there is a common myth that instead of buying a new cabin filter, all you need to do is brush the old one until it is clean. However, if you take water and a brush to a cabin filter, it will look cleaner, but the tiny particles, such as pollen, fungus or mould spores cannot simply brushed away. The fact is the cleaning process may actually loosen them so that they enter the passenger compartment next time the ventilation system is operated.

A cleaned filter also will also provide only a fraction of the performance of a new replacement. High-quality cabin filters from ADE filter specialist MANN-FILTER separate almost 100% of particles less than 0.5 micrometers in diameter as they are electrostatically charged and contain special multi-layered filter media.

MANN say that at this time of year there can be as much as 3,000 types of pollen in just one millilitre of air, so it is vital that a filter is delivering optimum performance. For this reason cabin filters should be changed every 12 months or 15,000 km.

When it comes to replacement quality is vital. Most major vehicle manufacturers choose MANN-FILTER cabin filters for original equipment. Identical OE quality filters are available in the MANN-FILTER aftermarket range from ADE.

These filters offer the very best in cabin filter quality and performance and at prices the deliver on long terms value. The range offers the widest application coverage and not only features cabin filters for cars, but also 4x4s, vans, trucks, tractors, agricultural machinery and construction equipment.