Make the most of EGR opportunities

EGR replacement is one of the growth areas of the aftermarket and our FISPA range offers everything you need to unlock to unlock this excellent business potential.

The FISPA EGR range offers comprehensive coverage and is fully detailed on TecDoc. FISPA is a very well respect OE supplier and has over 25 years experience in this specialist field. Its high quality components are produced in ISO accredited factories and are competitively priced to offer big savings over dealer alternatives.
EGR valves are prone to clogging and eventual failure. Common symptoms of a failing EGR Valve include:

Rough idling due to the EGR valve mechanism staying open.
Knocking noise from the engine due to the EGR valve mechanism staying shut.
Increase in Nox emission and erratic engine functioning.
Check engine light to coming on.

If the EGR Valve is faulty it will decrease driving performance and increase fuel consumption. If the issue is not resolved it can also cause costly damage to other systems and components, so early replacement is recommended.

Our FISPA range includes high quality replacements for most makes and models. Here are just four of the top FISPA EGR replacements.