Dirko - The Ultimate Automotive Sealer

jan2020-dirkoNow in stock and available at ADE are Dirko automotive sealants.

Dirko high-performance compounds are engineered to provide an ultra-tight seal whatever the job and whatever the application. Whether it is a car, commercial vehicle, motorcycle, tractor or even a boat, Dirko delivers the perfect solution.

Dirko offers a range of products for professional component sealing which are used by the trade right around the globe.

Here are a few of the product highlights:

Dirko Grey SealerTemp (+300°C)

Part No: 036.163 70ml Tube - Purchased in Boxes of 12

Dirko Red Sealer - Hi Temp (+315°C)

Part No: 705.707 70ml Tube - Purchased in Boxes of 12

Dirko Grey Sealer (+300°C)

Part No: 610.022 - 310 ml Cartridge

Dirko Black (+300°C)

Part No: 471.490 - 200 ml Pressurised can with trigger