Elring - Professional Gasket and Sealing Solutions now available from ADE

jan-2020-elring-1Now available from ADE is the Erling range of gasket sets, gaskets, service parts and sealing compounds to suit all market requirements. With over 140 years market experience Erling is a name synonymous with quality in the automotive industry and is a global original equipment supplier to the world’s leading vehicle makers. The same innovation and expertise is available in the Elring aftermarket range making it the product of choice for quality workshops. This makes "Elring - Das Original” the byword for quality in gaskets and sealing.

Cylinder-head gaskets
jan-2020-elring-2Designs tailored to specific engine requirements, including Metaloflex metal layer, metal-elastomer, and metal/soft material cylinder-head gaskets.

Cylinder-head bolt sets
Professional bolt sets for all types of vehicle, supplied in certified quality and packed in a special box with thread protection.

Auxiliary seals
Special purpose seals for applications such as: oil pans, intake and exhaust manifolds, water pumps, compressors, turbo-chargers, gearboxes, and axles.

Rotary shaft seals and valve stem rings
Rotary shaft oil seals and valve stem seals, with sensors if required, in various designs, materials, and sizes for engines, transmission, and axles.

Gasket sets
For overhauls of engines, gearboxes, and other assemblies including; full sets, cylinder head sets, conversion sets for crank casing, water pump sets, transmission sets.

Sealing compounds
An extensive range of sealing compounds for cars, trucks, motorcycles and many other applications, including the highly popular Dirko range.

Assorted seal packs
Assorted seal packs include sealing rings and valve stem seals in a wide range of designs and dimensions, with easy storage and part identification.

All Elring parts are detailed on TecDoc and are backed by high quality technical support and information, including; fitting instructions, videos, exploded diagrams and a technical helpline.