Breathe easy with effective cabin filter protection

2020-march-cabin1In this time of heightened health and hygiene awareness drivers and passengers are even more conscious of the air they are breathing in a vehicle. Just about every vehicle on the road now has a cabin filter to clean air before it enters the cabin, but if this filter is blocked or dirty it means the in-car air is poor quality and could pose a health hazard. Dirty filters can also harbour bacteria and can cause issues for allergy sufferers and people with respiratory problems.

If a filter has not been changed recently, or if it has never been changed as is often the case, it is likely to look like the filter on the left. Effective protection can only be guaranteed by having a clean filter like the one on the right. Which would you rather you and your customers breathe through?

10 good reasons to change cabin filters

2020-march-cabin21. It will prevent potentially dangerous bacteria entering the cabin.

2. Cabin filters provide relief for allergy sufferers.

3. They transform the quality of in-car air making it cleaner and healthier.

4. Better in-car air reduces driver fatigue.

5. A clean cabin filter can prevent in-car odour.  

6. Properly functioning cabin filters provide important safety benefits by preventing dangerous windscreen mist.

7. A clogged filter can damage blowers and resistors.

8. Clean filters mean a better functioning air-conditioning system.

9. A high quality carbonated filter can also protect against pollution.

10. An efficient cabin filter will actually keep your car interior cleaner by stopping dust and other fine particles entering.

Remember cabin filters should be changed every 15,000 km or at least annually. This means they should be changed at every service, providing a major business opportunity for all aftermarket businesses. Most cabin filters are now located in easily accessible locations and are quick and easy to change. ADE stocks cabin filters for all types of car, van, truck, tractor, bus, coach and off-road vehicles from three leading brands.

Educated your customers and explain the benefits of regular cabin filter changes.