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may-20-lmWith many vehicles lying idle or used very infrequently problems with dirty fuel and engine sump sludge can easily take hold. Our range of high quality additives from German specialist Liqui Moly can offer simple and economical solutions to many common problems.

Oil Sludge Flush

Liqui Moly Oil Sludge Flush removes black sludge and other contaminants and deposits which especially build up in inactive engines. It gently cleans oil holes, oil screens, piston ring grooves and ducts and prevents engine damage. This product is suitable for use in all motor oils on both petrol and diesel engines. Also suitable for engines with DPFs, turbochargers and catalytic converters.
Part No. L5200 Size: 300ml

Pro-Line Oil Loss Stop

In activity can cause problems with oil seals. Oil Loss Stop regenerates rubber and plastic engine seals (e.g., shaft seals and valve stem seals). Reduces oil consumption through piston rings (due to its uniform viscosity) and through valve guides (by regenerating the seals). I also prevents blue exhaust smoke, compensates for viscosity reduction and dampens engine noise.
Part No. L5182 Size: 1L

Motor Clean

Flushes out and cleans the inside of the engine. Highly effective cleaning additives dissolve sludge and lacquer formers, envelop solid dirt particles and liquid contaminants and ensure that these are drained along with the waste oil during an oil change. In a clean engine, the fresh oil can then realize its full potential. Optimal engine performance and emission characteristics, reduces wear and prevents lubrication deficiency.
Part No. L2865 Size: 500ml

Pro-Line Engine Flush

Cleans the engine from the inside. Removes deposits from lubrication holes, oil screens, piston ring zone, etc. Reduces engine noise and oil consumption. Improves compression. Increases vehicle’s reliability. Allows the fresh oil to develop its full performance after an oil change. Suitable for all petrol and diesel engines. Suitable for DPF, catalytic converters, turbochargers and belt in oil engines.
Part No. L2068 Size: 500ml

Pro-Line DPF Protection

Highly effective additive that reduces the build-up of particulates and improves the reliability of diesel particulate filters. Vehicles used for short trips are especially affected by problems with clogged diesel particulate filters. Regular use keeps the diesel particulate filter clean, avoiding expensive repairs and down times. Also ensures optimum fuel combustion and reduces the build-up of particulates. This also contributes to reducing emissions.
Part No. L5123 Size: 1L

Petrol Injection Cleaner

Removes deposits on injection valves, intake valves, spark plugs and in the combustion chamber and prevents new deposits from forming. Eliminates starting problems and rough engine running. Maintains and protects injection and fuel system. Improves throttle response and compression. Optimizes the emission test values and the performance. Suitable for all petrol injection systems.
Part No. L1803 Size: 300ml

Diesel Injection Cleaner

Removes deposits in the diesel injection system and in the combustion chamber and prevents new deposits. Prevents seizing up and gumming up of nozzle needles. Boosts the
cetane number, improves the ignition performance of the diesel fuel and ensures smooth engine running. Reduces emissions and fuel consumption. Suitable for all diesel engines with or without DPF.
Part No. L1806 Size: 250ml

Diesel Purge

Removes deposits on injection nozzles and in the combustion chamber and increases the cetane number. Eliminates engine operation problems such as knocking in idle and allows quiet engine running. Protects the entire fuel system from corrosion. Optimizes the emission test values. Can also be used as a preventative measure. Clean engines need less fuel and reduce emissions. Suitable for all diesel engines with or without DPF.
Part No. L2509 Size: 500ml