fai-gasketAn important addition will be made to the ADE product range this month with the introduction of Gaskets and Head Sets from one of our key suppliers, FAI.

FAI offers an all makes program for Gaskets, Oil Seals and Cylinder Head Bolts covering all main European, Japanese and Korean passenger car and light commercial vehicle manufacturers.

FAI Head Sets offer a complete gasket solution for a specific job meaning that they include every Gasket and Seal required to finish a complete head or block rebuild. In many cases this will include the required cylinder head bolts. These are increasingly required as most modern engines are fitted with “stretch” bolts which must be replaced when fitting a new head gasket. These bolts ensure that the head gasket is correctly loaded during thermal cycles, as the engine gets hot when in use and cold when at rest. If the bolts are not replaced the head gasket will fail.

FAI work to the highest standards using premium materials for all parts in its gasket range. This ensures  maximum product life span, provided thermal limits are not exceeded.

The FAI Gasket Range is constantly reviewed and updated to reflect actual market requirements. Details of the range can be found in a comprehensive catalogue, on-line at, or in the Tec Doc and MAM software databases. You can also download a printable version of catalogue sections here.