FISPA-FASTEGR valves are one of the major growth areas in the aftermarket at present and our FISPA range offers the perfect means to capitalise on this opportunity, offer excellent coverage, quality and value.

EGR valves control play a vital role on most modern engines, helping to reduce emissions. However they can be prone to clogging and eventual failure. Rough idling, knocking and erratic engine performance can all be symptoms of a faulty EGR valve.

Some common causes of EGR failure are:

Insufficient flow caused by carbon build ups.
Problems with the Differential Pressure Feedback Sensor.
Problems with the EGR vacuum switching valve
Clogged catalytic converter
Clogged Diesel Particulate Filter, carbon build up in the temperature sensor, or electrical issues.
Excessive EGR system flow due to a clogged or dirty air filter, an intake leak, or turbo issues.
Problems with the DPEE sensor.
Issues with the EGR Control Back Pressure Transducer valve.

Faulty EGR Valves will decrease engine performance and increase fuel consumption. If the issue is not resolved it can also cause damage to other systems and components.

The FISPA range from ADE features replacement EGR valves for a comprehensive range of makes and models, all detailed on TecDoc.

FISPA is a very well respect OE supplier and has over 25 years experience in this specialist field. Its high quality components are produced in ISO accredited factories and are competitively priced to offer big savings over dealer alternatives.

Part No: 83.998

For popular VW Group 1.6 & 2.0 TDI engines as used in Audi, Skoda, Seat and VW models.

Part No: 83.4613

For popular 1.6 HDI engines as used in Citroen, Fiat, Ford, Mini and Peugeot models.

Selecting the right Mercedes Fuel Filter

MANN-MERC-FUELDespite being identical in their appearance there is a fundamental difference between MANN-FILTER fuel filters PU 11 001 z KIT and PU 11 002 z KIT. Both use innovative three-stage water separation to achieve over 90% separation efficiency but the filer media varies. This is because Mercedes diesel engines use two different injection systems. They operate at different pressures meaning that varying separation efficiency is required. These means despite looking the same these filters are not interchangeable. PU 11 001 z KIT uses MULTIGRADE F-MB 333 media which achieves a particle separation efficiency of 99.7% and protects diesel injection nozzles up to 2500 bar, which is much higher than many standard engines. Whereas, MULTIGRADE F_HE media is used in PU 11 002 z KIT to achieve a 95% separation and protecting diesel injection nozzles up to the standard 2000 bar.

PU 11 001 z KIT applications are: Mercedes-Benz CLS (C257), E-Class, E-Class Cabrio (W/S213, A238), GLE (W167), S-Class / S-Class Coupé / Cabrio (W222, A/C217).

PU 11 002 z KIT applications are: Mercedes-Benz A-Class (W177), B-Class (W247), C-Class (W205/A205/C205/S205), E-Class, E-Class Cabrio (W/S213, A238).

The Ultimate De-Icer

LM-DE-ICERWhen the temperature dramatically drops you need a de-icer that really performs and the 6902 De-icer from LIQUI MOLY is perfect for the job. Developed from use in tough sub-zero European conditions it quickly and easily clears car windscreens of ice and frost.
Its special formulation includes screen cleaning agents, is kind on paints, rubber or plastics and prevents rapid re-freezing.
Anyone who uses this outstanding product never wants to use another De-icer again.

Part number L 6902
500ml Trigger Spray Bottle
Carton Quantity: 6
Available now at special discount price.

Meet the pothole challenge with FAI

FAI-POTHOLEFreezing temperatures can make potholes an even bigger problem at this time of year, with huge amounts of damaged to steering and suspension parts caused by poor quality roads. Time is critical when these parts need to be replaced, so you need a reliable range, offering total coverage that is in stock and available now.

FAI from ADE is the only answer you need when it comes to replacement steering and suspension components. The range offers complete market coverage with over 6000 part numbers. Some 750 new additions were made to the range in the last 12 months meaning it is the most up-to-date and relevant in the market place.

All parts are manufactured to OE quality specifications and designs and are subject to stringent testing to ensure the highest performance standards are always maintained. The products you need to meet winter demand are also all in stock and are available for immediate delivery.

Lube 88 Anti-Freeze

LUBE88-AFIn stock and available now at great value prices is high quality Lube 88 Anti-Freeze. The product comes in economical 20 Litre pack sizes and in a Red Concentrate Long Life (EXLC5) version and a Blue Concentrate Winter Protection version (BS 6580 GP3). Please contact your representative or call telesales to order.


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