Confidence in calipers from Brake Engineering

brake-caliperADE caliper supplier Brake Engineering has highlighted the importance of quality in the remanufacturing process and is stressing that not all remanufactured parts can match up to its own high standards.

Increasingly the automotive aftermarket is seeing the economical and environmental advantages of choosing remanufactured parts over new and costly equivalents. However, Brake engineering points out that companies that use ‘reclaimed’ or ‘reused’ parts in the remanufacturing process could be making dangerous compromises.

Brake engineering stress that when remanufacturing calipers, only the core should be reused, having been subject to strict acceptance criteria and undergoing a stringent quality remanufacturing process that involves its inspection, dismantling, cleaning, rebuild and test. Brake Engineering calipers are also electroplated with a chrome 6 free finish to extend the life of the caliper.

At the rebuild stage Brake Engineering’s technical experts stress that items such as pistons and seals need to be replaced with new parts. Brake Engineering also replaces the piston boot with a brand new version with an integral steel insert for long life. This also improves the reliability of the caliper. Brand new soft piston boot retaining rings, typically manufactured from spring steel without any sharp corners causing accidental damage by human error are then used as well as new caliper bolts. This is because used bolts could have been over tightened and stretched beyond their design limits, which may lead to complete brake failure.

Brake Engineering’s offers a range of fixed and sliding calipers with the handbrake mechanism where appropriate. It says that their is a danger of potential damage to the circlip and spring cages when removing so again new components are essential. Internal seals also need to be replaced. New return springs must be used on the caliper as old ones suffer from corrosion and possible loss of temper.

When remanufacturing brake calipers, Brake Engineering adds an anti-corrosion coating, which is key to preventing rust, peeling, and corrosion.  Each Brake Engineering piston has an improved anti-corrosion coating and has undergone a 450-hour salt spray resistance test proving their suitability for use in cold climates, as well as having a hardness of 500vickers. The piston surface finish is improved too and therefore reduces wear on the seals.

Brake Engineering reconditions, re-engineers and remanufactures brake calipers to the highest possible quality before putting them into the range. It says for peace of mind it makes sense to chose Brake Engineering callipers and avoid any callipers where ‘reclaimed’ or ‘reused’ parts are used.


New steering and suspension parts for Jaguar XF

fai-jagOnce the domain of the limited few, Jaguars are now much more affordable as used car purchases. This means that demand fro replacement Jaguar aftermarket parts is on the rise and our steering and suspension specialist, FAI, has moved to meet this.

FAI now offer a comprehensive Jaguar XF Steering & Suspension range with parts available at affordable prices but in original equipment quality. Each of these Jaguar parts has been subjected to strict quality testing which includes:

  • Axis Rig Testing - Simulating harsh road conditions ensuring radial force and torsional twisting is kept well within strict safety limits.
  • Electro-magnetic scanning - A process which detects the smallest of imperfections in metal components.
  • Cataphoretic Coating - High tech painting to diminish corrosion, retain strength and longevity, even in the worst of weather conditions.

 Parts now available for the Jaguar XF (2008-15) are:

FAI Part       Description                              OE Cross Ref.

SS6234       Rear Link Rod Left                       XR81693

SS5806      Rear Link Rod Right                     XR81786

SS9232      Wishbone Front Upper Left      XR857653

SS9233      Wishbone Front Upper Right    XR857652

SS9234      Wishbone Rear Upper Left       C2P13877

SS9235      Wishbone Rear Upper Right    C2P13876

Many other Jaguar parts are also available in our FAI range.


1 Million KM on Liqui Moly

lm-mercA Belgium motorist has just reach a very significant milestone in his Mercedes E 270 CDI. Marc Ghys from Wiekevorst has become a KM millionaire and having passed the million kilometre mark in his trusty car, he put a large part of the vehicle longevity down to oils and additives by LIQUI MOLY.

Marc’s mechanic says that the motor is still in an exceptional condition thanks to LIQUI MOLY even after averaging 60,000 Km a year in his 2000 E Class. Marc says he used LIQUI MOLY right from the start. LIQUI MOLY oil was used at every change and in every second oil service the oil circuit was cleaned with LIQUI MOLY Motorclean and LIQUI MOLY Cera Tec was added as wear protection. This combination ensured a clean engine and the extra protection for a long service life. Just five injectors and a few glow plugs have been the sum of the major maintenance over the 17 years.

One slight issue is that at the million milestone the six-figure odometer gave up the ghost and got stuck at 999,999 km. Evidently the Mercedes engineers had not expected such a high mileage.

Marc Ghys has now bought a new car, a Mercedes E 220 d and that will also get the full LIQUI MOLY treatment.


Rymec - High quality Clutches at great value prices.

rymecWith an aging car population and high mileage UK imports now running at unprecedented levels, demand for replacement clutches is on the rise. With these older cars customers want quality and reliability, but they are also looking for good value. ADE’s Rymec clutch range can provide the perfect solution, with clutches tested to OE quality at very competitive prices.

The range features a comprehensive selection of generic clutch kits that can be a practical and profitable addition to any clutch stock offering. These kits are tested to OE specification and offer an economical substitute to more expensive manufacturer kits.

The Rymec range offers quality kits at competitive prices and covers European, Japanese and Korean applications. All applications are featured on TecDoc to make product identification easy.

We also stock a comprehensive range of Rymec replacement Concentric Slave Cylinders.

Please ask your rep for full details.  






Get more healthy in 12.6 minutes

mann-cabin-7-17People are increasing health conscious these days so if someone was given the opportunity to improve their health and it would take less than 13 minutes they would generally think it a good idea.

12.6 minutes is the average time it takes to change a vehicle cabin filter and a simple change can bring some serious short and long term health benefits.

Put simply, an effective cabin filter means cleaner in-car air. An ineffective filter means that pollen, particulates, metal grit, dust and dirt can all enter the passenger compartment untreated. This can cause health issues for vehicle occupants, especially allergy sufferers, increase driver fatigue and mean a dangerous film build up on the inside of a windscreen. Dirty air can also cause expensive damage to sensitive components in the vehicle air conditioning system.

Cabin filters will naturally clog over time and become less operationally effective. ADE supplier MANN-FILTER, is the leading OE filter supplier of cabin filters globally and recommends the cabin air filter should be replaced every 15,000 km.

All replacement MANN cabin air filters are OE quality and come with detailed fitting instruction in the box to make the process as simple as possible.











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