fremax-jn19ADE's new braking brand Fremax is already turning heads in the market and can provide great new business potential for 2019.

Fremax brake components have OE pedigree and are manufactured in state of the art plants that fully conform to ISO 9001 and ISO TS 16949 standards. This means that these are pads and discs of the highest quality, offering exceptional performance and durability. Indeed Fremax is the choice of prestige car manufacturers such as Renault, Mitsubishi and Suzuki for original discs and it is also chosen by many leading global motorsport teams.

The Fremax range offers excellent application coverage which is fully detailed on digital cataloguing systems. There is a strong brand image with products very attractively packaged, reflecting their quality. Pricing is also very competitive.

SACHS highlights consequences of defective shocks

sachs-jan19Recent analyses by SACHS has shown that in Germany, approximately one in seven tested vehicles has at least one defective shock absorber. Drivers are often unaware of a problem, but it can have serious consequences.

For cars with either worn or defective shocks, including cars with an electronically adjustable chassis, there are various risks. The stopping distance becomes longer because the car's road contact is no longer optimally ensured. Many electronic advanced driver assistance systems – such as the ESP electronic stability program, ABS or traction control – require good contact of the wheels with the road to be able to develop their full potential. This therefore means that the more electronic safety systems are installed in the car, the more important it is to ensure the full performance of the shocks. That is why maintenance and regular inspection is important.

Defective shocks reduce the brake force and mean the stopping distance increases by up to 20%, depending on speed, vehicle systems and road surface. This can be as much as 6 meters for speeds up to 80 km/h.

A further issue is that if the shocks no longer prevent the car body from pitching and vibrating, then it is more difficult to control the vehicle during avoidance manoeuvres. The cars cornering ability also becomes generally unstable and the car is also more prone to aquaplaning.

In addition, shock wear has a negative impact in other areas. For example, tyres and chassis components such as tie rod ends or steering devices are exposed to greater wear, something that can be costly for the motorist.

Oil leaking is a clear sign of a defective shock. However, it can be defective even without a visible oil leak.

SACHS recommends a professional inspection of all shocks whenever a car is in the workshop. If in any doubt replacement in pairs is always the best course of action.

FAI Fast Movers

Here are some of the latest in-demand must stock products as recommended by FAI:

faijan19-tPart No. FHBK1054
FAI wheel bearing kit with integrated ABS sensor for front axle. Generation 3.

Part No. FWBK1100
FORD B-MAX, ECO-SPORT, FIESTA VI 06/08 - onwards
FAI wheel bearing kit with integrated ABS sensor for front axle.

Part Number: SS9473 / SS9474
MERCEDES C CLASS (W205) 2014— on
Control Arm Front Lower Rear
OE spec in high quality aluminium.

Part No. WP6669BH
10/11 - 08/14
Water Pump made to OE spec with back housing and PPS impeller.

New to range from WAI

Our rotating electrics specialist WAIglobal has added new products to its OE quality aftermarket range, including four alternators for several major manufacturers including BMW, Mercedes and Audi.

wai-jan19Part number 20888N offers coverage for BMW 1 Series, X1, X3 2.0 D (2009>)
Part number 11715N covers Mercedes CLS, E, GL, M Class, Sprinter 3.0 Cdi (2009>)
Part number 20700N covers Mercedes Sprinter 2.1 Cdi (2006>)
Part number 20662N provides coverage for Audi A4, Q5 2.7, 3.0 Tdi (2011).

These latest additions form part of the ever expanding WAI rotating electrics range which features products that are triple-tested to ensure quality and performance. This is backed by a full technical support service that provides comprehensive advice on fitting procedures and in-service issues. The new references are also listed on both MAM and TecDoc cataloguing systems.

A Glowing Opportunity

beru-jan19Demand for glow plugs is always on the increase at this time of year and ADE can offer the best way to satisfy this demand with two outstanding glow plug brands allowing your business to offer choice, quality, performance and value.

Our BERU Glow Plug range offers true original equipment quality and comprehensive market coverage from a leading OE supplier and true innovator in this field. It is the natural choice for prestige German marques as well as many other manufacturers and also offers good value for money.

We also stock a complete range of Lucas Diesel Glow Plugs. This is a well recognised and respected brand with a range offering complete coverage on all European and Asian vehicle applications, including excellent late model coverage. These plugs are also very competitively priced to offer excellent value of money.

Please contact your ADE representative or call telesales for the best value stock deals.


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