Additives to fight engine wear

lm-sep18ADE oil and additive specialist LIQUI MOLY has highlighted three special oil additives formulated to reduce repair costs and extend engine service life. The performance and reputation of these additives can also provide a boost for factor retail business.

LIQUI MOLY specialises in engine protection and has three powerful additives, Oil Additive, Motor Protect and Cera Tec that offer all round protection.

Oil Additive is an excellent additive for older vehicles. It contains MoS2, a solid lubricant, similar to graphite. It forms a protective layer on the metal surface, preventing direct contact between adjacent metal surfaces in the engine. This is particularly important immediately after starting the engine, before the motor oil has circulated to all points. The Oil Additive has proven itself in cars around the world for over 60 years.

While the solid lubricant in LIQUI MOLY Oil Additive reduces friction in the engine physically, LIQUI MOLY Motor Protect accomplishes this function chemically. It contains so-called friction modifiers, which have a smoothing effect on the metal surfaces with which they connect in the microscopic area. Motor Protect is suitable for state-of-the-art cars and is intended for drivers who want a wear protection additive not containing any type of solid lubricants whatsoever.

LIQUI MOLY Cera Tec combines both physical and chemical protection.  This double protection makes Cera Tec a highly effective additive. It is also highly economical as each application can provide protection up to 50,000 kilometres.

All three additives reduce friction in the engine. This reduces the engine temperature and even lowers fuel consumption. They also mean the engine is better protected under extreme loads

New to range UFI filters

ufi-sep-18Now available in our UFI filters range:


Part No. 30.485.00 - Air Filter


C Classe C 63 10/14→

C Classe C 63 S 10/14→


Part No. 23.615.00 - Oil Filter


i30, Santa Fé II 2.2,

Tucson 2.0 CRDI.


Carens III 2.0,

Cee`d 2.0 CRDI,

Cee`d Sporty Wagon 2.0 CRDI,

Pro_Cee`d 2.0 CRDI,

Sportage II (JE) 2.0 CRDI


Part No. 30.710.00 - Air Filter


Tucson II 1.7, 2.0 CRDI


Sportage IV 1.7, 2.0 CRDI


Part No. 30.661.00 - Air Filter


RS3 2.5 TFSI Quattro,


Arteon 2.0 Bi-TDI 4Motion,

Passat 2.0 TDI 4Motion


Sensing opportunity with FISPA

Replacement electronic components, such as valves, sensors and other precision parts, remains one of the major growth areas of the automotive aftermarket in Ireland and ADE can help you unlock great business potential in this sector with our FISPA range.

With OE pedigree and ISO accredited production facilities, FISPA offers so much more than just a limited range of EGR valves on offer from some suppliers. It also offers excellent coverage on many other specialist components that are more and more frequently requiring replacement as the new technology car populations ages. For example included in our FISPA range we can also offer excellent coverage on:

  • fispa-augExhaust gas pressure sensors
  • Air flow mass meters
  • ABS sensors
  • Throttle bodies (with excellent coverage on VW, Audi)
  • Fuel pumps
  • Cam and crank sensors
  • Thermostats with housings
  • Fuel level sender
  • Oxygen sensors
  • Switches and sensors
  • Pressure regulators
  • Oil coolers
  • Oil breather valves
  • And many more.

Many of these items are often perceived as dealer only parts but not only are they available in the FISPA range, with many being genuine OE options, but also customers can make substantial savings over prices on offer from the dealership.

Full details of FISPA products can be found on TecDoc or by a search of the online catalogue at The range is also consistently updated to reflect the fast changing nature of this aftermarket sector.

New UFI Aftermarket website and online catalogue petition

ufi-web-augADE filter supplier UFI has launched a new dedicated aftermarket website at which is also available as a mobile app. Completely redesigned with new graphics and functionality, the site provides a wealth of information on the UFI brand, its OE pedigree and access to full product and technical information.

Having mobile functionality also means technicians and parts suppliers can access on the move the full product catalogue containing more than 2,800 references with new part numbers added each month. Each of the four catalogue types, Cars/Light Commercial Vehicles, Trucks, Agricultural Vehicles and Motorbikes, can be accessed directly from the home page, divided by make and model. There is also the option of searching freely for applications and product codes. Look-ups can be fine-tuned even further on the dedicated catalogue pages, as users can also search by competitor code, filter size, etc..

The new site is located at

Across the range value puts Japanparts parts in the driving seat

japanparts-shock-augOur Japanparts product portfolio has continued to expand both in terms of coverage and sales volume in the first half of 2018. The brand offers a combination of attractive prices, excellent quality and an extensive range tuned to current market needs. It means that Japanparts has become a brand of choice in a number of key product sectors for many customers.

Japanparts; brakes, clutches, filtration, electrical products and wheel bearings have all been performing exceptionally well in recent months, but the most dramatic growth has been seen in the area of shock absorbers. Japanparts has significantly expanded it shock range and now offers 95%+ coverage on European cars. The range as you would expect offers very strong coverage on Asian brands, but also now a highly effective and value for money shock solution on models from the VAG Group, FCA Group, Renault Group, PSA Group, BMW, GM, Mercedes, Subaru, Toyota and Volvo. There have also been many recent more specialist additions for Cadillac, Hummer, Land Rover and Smart vehicles.

All shocks are made using only high quality components and materials. The stem features high-resistance chrome plating and NOK o-rings which are long lasting and noted for their excellent sealing properties. All Japanparts shocks are well packaged for space saving and easy product identification and are competitively priced.

Water Pump price reductions

Our Japanparts water pump range has also proved to be a good seller since its introduction and now to offer customers even better value in this important sector many prices have recently been reduced. Please call telesales for details.


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