fispa-egrOur FISPA range of sensors and electrical components is already proving to be very popular. It features many items that are experiencing fast rising demand in the aftermarket, with one of the fast movers being EGR valves.

 EGR valves control the engines emission of Nox by re-circulating a portion of exhaust gas. They are important components, but are sometimes prone to clogging and eventual failure. Common symptoms of a failing EGR Valve are; rough idling due to the EGR valve mechanism staying open, knocking noise from the engine due to the EGR valve mechanism staying shut, increase in Nox emission and erratic engine functioning. These symptoms will often cause the check engine light to come on.

There are a number of different ways an EGR valve can fail, and many factors that can cause them to fail. Below are some of the most common cause of failure:

 Insufficient flow in the EGR system is usually down to a build-up of carbon or other impurities and can sometimes cause the valve to get stuck in the closed position. There are other reasons for lack of flow such as problems with the Differential Pressure Feedback Sensor, common on some Ford engines, problem with the EGR vacuum switching valve, often found on Toyota vehicles, a clogged catalytic converter or Diesel particulate filter (DPF), carbon build up in the temperature sensor, or electrical issues.

Excessive EGR system flow occurs when the mechanism is stuck open. This is sometimes due to a clogged or dirty air filter, an intake leak, or turbo issues. Catalytic Converter clogging can also be an issue, or a there may be a fault with the EGR temperature sensor, valve gasket, vacuum control or switching valve. Problems with the DPEE sensor causing this issue are common on certain Ford and Mazda models, while Nissan vehicles can be prone to a fault with the EGR Control Back Pressure Transducer valve.

If the EGR Valve is faulty it will decrease driving performance and increase fuel consumption. If the issue is not resolved it can also cause damage to other systems and components.

The FISPA range from ADE features replacement EGR valves for a wide range of makes and models, all detailed on TecDoc. FISPA is a very well respect OE supplier and has over 25 years experience in this specialist field. Its high quality components are produced in ISO accredited factories and are competitively priced to offer big savings over dealer alternatives.


Stay Cool and clean

lm-rad-cleanDirt in the cooling system of a vehicle can often cause expensive consequential damage. Radiators and the cooling circuit are sophisticated systems that are sensitively to impurities. Problems can be avoided with LIQUI MOLY radiator cleaner, which reliably removes deposits and dirt from the cooling circuit.

The cooling system on a modern car is now generally more compact than before but has to actually work harder. Added to this active thermal management of the motors also leads to the pumps sometimes being switched off during vehicle use, which fosters the formation of slime and deposits in the cooling system.

LIQUI MOLY radiator cleaner is simply added to the cooling water, the radiator is switched on and the motor left to run. The active ingredients then dissolve deposits, slime and dirt. After 10 to 30 minutes these are drained together with the old cooling water and the system is rinsed with water. Now it is clean and can once again deploy its full output. Also, the service life of the water pump is increased and problems with the cooling system are prevented.


Be safe Be Seen

britax-beacon-7-17At this time of year the roads and field are busy with lots of tractors and agricultural machinery. All of these slower moving vehicles should legally be displaying hazard warning beacons. Our Britax beacon range offers excellent quality and value from a trusted name. Make sure you have beacons in stock to meet demand.


New coloured calipers from Brake Engineering

brake-caliper-7-17Now available in our Brake Engineering range are eight new painted brake calipers for Audi, Volkswagen and Skoda vehicles.

The additional brake calipers include six new black calipers for the Audi S5 (2007) and S6 (2006), as well as the Volkswagen Phaeton (2003). Two new red calipers also feature to cover the Skoda Octavia and Volkswagen Golf (2012).

The coloured caliper range enables technicians to quickly identify the correct part as it matches the caliper colour originally fitted on the vehicle, providing added reassurance that it will fit first time.

The new additions represent Brake Engineering’s ‘Original Aftermarket’ promise to provide customers with traceable braking solutions based on the company’s longstanding aftermarket experience and expertise.



fispa-groupOne of the growth areas in aftermarket components at present is defiantly in electrical sensors. This is both a lucrative sales area for factors and an area where with quality aftermarket parts mean a garage can offer a cost effective alternative to dealer repairs for their customers.

Our FIPSA range provides a perfect solution for this sector offering quality, excellent coverage and outstanding value. It includes sensors, valves, pumps, thermostats and throttle bodies which are all now increasing in demand.

FISPA is a highly respected Italian component specialist and a leading Original Equipment supplier in this field with over 25 years of expertise. It produces advanced technology products in ISO accredited production facilities to ensure high quality and long service life.

The range now available from ADE includes;

  • Fuel Pumps
  • Temperature Sensors
  • Oil level sensors & valves
  • Crankshaft sensors
  • EGR valves
  • ABS sensors
  • Pressure sensors
  • Throttle bodies
  • Thermostats

There is comprehensive application coverage on all makes and models and a programme of consistent product updates to reflect latest aftermarket demands.

Full details of FISPA products can be found on TecDoc or by a search of the online catalogue at For more information contact your ADE representative or the telesales team.



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