neolux-aubWith the nights now drawing in, bulb sales will soon be on the rise once again and for customers looking for great value in lighting our NEOLUX range has all of the answers.

As part of OSRAM, a recognised global leader in lighting, you can be sure of the quality of NEOLUX bulbs and do not have to worry about customers coming back with premature bulb failures. NEOLUX is also priced to allow resellers to be competitive and build good business with attractive margins.

NEOLUX automotive bulbs are built to deliver excellent illumination at prices attractive to value-oriented consumers. The NEOLUX car bulbs range provides versatile high quality 12 Volt headlight and auxiliary bulbs at affordable prices. It also includes specialty bulbs and the latest LED, Xenon and Halogen technology.

We also have a comprehensive NEOLUX 24V offering for the commercial vehicle sector. Once again these bulbs offer the right combination of performance, longevity and value.

FAI Fast Movers

fai-augHere are some of the latest in-demand products from our FAI range. These are items that are currently frequently requested and in many cases have limited availability in competitor ranges.

WP6318 Water Pump
1.6HDI / TDCi. Manufactured using the latest technology, this water pump has 19 teeth and a pps impeller. Gasket included for fitment.

SS9271 Wishbone front upper bush
Mercedes-Benz S-Class
(W222) 2014 >
FAI are first in the aftermarket to offer this Wishbone front upper bush for popular Mercedes models. 2 needed for fitment.

SS9301 / SS9302
Left and Right Lower Wishbones
Volkswagen Passat / Tiguan
2014 >
Currently unique to the FAI aftermarket range, these lower left and lower right wishbones are highly recommended as stock items.

New Hub Unit Kits & Wheel Bearing Kits from NFC Europe petition

nfcNow in stock and available at very competitive prices are Hub Unit Kits and Wheel Bearing Kits from NFC Europe.

NFC is a prestigious European manufacturer of vehicle components and a major OE supplier to leading car manufacturers. All Hub Unit Kits and Wheel Bearing Kits are produced according to the International OE standard TS16949.

The NFC Auto Group produces spare parts for many prestigious car makers including; Peugeot, Renault, Citroen, Toyota, Fiat, Lancia, Seat, Volvo, Audi, Volkswagen, Chrysler, Opel, Fiat, Nissan, Honda, Suzuki, BMW, Mazda, Rover and Mercedes-Benz.

Our range includes; First, Second, and Third generation Hub Unit Kits with comprehensive coverage of major vehicle manufacturers. All kits are attractively priced to offer excellent value and introductory stock order packages are available.

Breath easy with MANN Cabin Filters

mann-cabin-7-17With no end to the warm weather in sight, this is proving a tough year for allergy sufferers. To offer the best protection when travelling by car it is vital to have a well performing cabin filter. These vital components can provide great in-car relief for a growing number of allergy sufferers, while also boosting garage and parts sales business.

With filters now easy to locate and fit, they offer a great means for a garage to boost service business. ADE filter supplier MANN has calculated that the average cabin filter replacement time is around 12 minutes and can be as little as 6 minutes on some models.

Motorist will really notice the difference in in-car air quality as a clean cabin filter takes away not just pollen, but dust, dirt and pollution, providing a much healthier and more comfortable driving environment. They even have an important safety role, reducing screen film build-up and cutting down on driver fatigue. 

The original Hyundai fuel filter solution

ufi-hyundaiWater, sludge, and all the other pollutants contained within diesel fuels are particularly harmful to cars. The diesel filter, therefore, is a crucial component that ensures proper performance and long engine life. ADE filter supplier UFI Filters has developed the most technologically advanced solutions to meet all filtration requirements, including efficiency, particle retention capacity, water separation and pressure drop resistance. These solutions are supplied OE to leading car makers and are available in the UFI aftermarket range as the only true matching OE products.

The HYUNDAI Tucson II 1.7, 2.0 CRDI 06/15 and KIA Sportage IV 1.7, 2.0 CRDI 01/16 are two of the most popular car on Irish roads and UFI is the only aftermarket range that can offer a genuine OE replacement fuel filter for these models (Part No.. 24.123.00)

The diesel fuel module for Hyundai applications comprises an aluminium head that acts as a seat for the fuel connectors and the pressure sensor, a heater and the filter on which the water presence sensor is located. This is all supplied inside a retainer to protect the system in an impact. A dual stage filter element is housed inside the steel casing of the filter: a first barrier for impurities and water formed by a cellulose based media and a second made of a hydrophobic mesh to eliminate residual water particles. The guaranteed filtering efficiency is greater than 99% at 4 μm, while the water separation exceeds 90%. The water presence sensor alerts the user when an excessive amount collects at the bottom of the filter. Filter replacement simply requires its disassembly from the other components in the filtering system.


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