Positive feedback on BGA introduction at ADE

bga-jan19Last months news that BGA Automotive was joining the ADE brand portfolio has met with widespread approval from ADE customers. BGA is a very prestigious component manufacturer with a track record of success in the industry dating back to 1929. Today it produces OE quality parts and offers a range of components that has been tuned to meet aftermarket demand with a focus on quality and value for money.

ADE is now stocking an initial range of BGA power steering pumps, CV Joints, Tensioners and Drive Shafts and we will be expanding this range further with additional product groups and parts numbers over the coming months.

Please ask your ADE representative or telesales for further information and details of special stock order packages.


fremax-dec-18ADE has made another very significant addition to its portfolio of high quality automotive component brands with Fremax joining the impressive line-up.

Fremax is a global supplier of brake discs and brake pads, with a growing presence in many countries. It is a highly respected company with 28 years experience in the automotive aftermarket. It is also an original equipment supplier and the choice of car makers for original brake discs, including Renault, Mitsubishi and Suzuki. Additionally Fremax is an official supplier to many prestigious motorsports series and uses it racing experience to develop products of outstanding performance for road going cars.

The company manufacturers it components in state of the art manufacturing plants conforming to ISO 9001 and ISO TS 16949 standards. These products are distributed to all parts of the world via distribution hubs in the USA and the Netherlands.

The range features comprehensive application coverage on all European, Japanese, Korean and American models. Discs feature a special coating for outstanding durability and all pads are ECE-R90 certified and asbestos and copper free. Fremax discs and pads work in perfect harmony to provide outstanding braking performance and safety.

BGA Automotive joins the ADE product line-up

bga-dec-18ADE is pleased to announce that it has added parts from prestigious component manufacturer BGA Automotive to its range.

BGA is a leading supplier of OE quality aftermarket automotive parts and components with a track record of success dating back to 1929. Today the organisation produces some 28 million parts annually across 10 manufacturing sites. With a focus on product quality and customer service the company has enjoyed considerable market success in recent years.

All products are engineered in the UK by a highly experienced Technical Team, with development aimed at ensuring the range is well in tune with latest product demand.

ADE will initially be offering a range of BGA power steering pumps, CV Joints, Tensioners and Drive Shafts with more product lines to be added over the coming months. Throughout the range there is an emphasis on quality and affordability. For example we can offer a compact range of power steering pumps that offers excellent applications coverage, with 100% new parts that deliver OE specification at very competitive prices.

Please ask your ADE representative or telesales for further details.

A Super Diesel Additive Boost enhanced online oil guide

lm-sda-dec-18Super Diesel Additive from our German oil and additive specialist LIQUI MOLY provides a simple way to remove contamination from injectors and improve overall engine performance and fuel economy.

As soon as an engine starts running, combustion deposits are created. These lead to the engine gradually losing performance, consuming more fuel and the risk of a breakdown. Super Diesel Additive can put a stop to this and restore the original performance of the engine.

The injectors are a critical component. If encrustations form on the tiny openings of the injectors, then the fuel is no longer as finely atomized. It therefore does not combust as thoroughly. The result is that the engine performance level drops, fuel consumption rises and the exhaust emissions increase. This is also a creeping process, meaning the driver often doesn't even notice it. Injectors are high-precision, sensitive components that have to endure pressures of several thousand bars and carry out hundreds of precisely dosed individual injections per second. Combustion deposits clog it up and means the risk of failure, which can mean expensive replacement.

These problems can be solved by adding a can of Super Diesel Additive to the tank every 2000 km. The ingredients dissolve the encrustations on the injectors and thereby improves the spray pattern. This means the engine recovers its original performance and fuel economy. Alongside cleaning, Super Diesel Additive also offers two further advantages. It increases the cetane number and improves the ignition properties of the diesel fuel. It also protects the entire fuel system from corrosion and wear-and-tear and offers protection when fuel quality is poor.

New FAI Wheel Bearings

fia-wheel-bearings-dec-18New to our FAI product line-up is a range of Wheel Bearing kits. The new range is made up of over 200 hand-picked references; covering 85% of the vehicle parc for popular European and Asian manufacturers.

The FAI range covers all three generations of bearing, all of which incorporate sensors and pick-up markings for ABS where needed. The quality of these new bearing kits is assured as all components are constructed of Carbon Chromium Steel, Nylon66 with Fibre glass and finished with high performance lubricants to ensure a long-lasting repair. Each design is rigorously inspected and tested using the latest corrosion accelerant machinery and tensile testing to ensure load capabilities that well exceed real-world demands.

Kits are competitively priced and fully detailed in the MAM and TecDoc online catalogues.


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