The LIQUI MOLY DPF problem solver

lm-dpf-jul-18DPF problems are on the rise as more and more diesel cialis pas cher cars reach a critical phase in their life cycle when normal regeneration is not enough to effectively clean them. This often means a car’s DPF warning light will come on or worse still the vehicle may go into limp mode.

 When this happens replacing the DPF, which can cost thousands, is not the only alternative. The Liqui Moly DPF cleaning system offers a simple and cost effective solution to DPF problems. The kit contains everything needed to clean and flush the filter and get it operating properly again. It features a robust gun, flexible hose connections to access tricky areas and wand adaptors for different vehicles. It means technicians can access and clean the DPF without the need to disassemble, meaning big time and cost savings.

The gun is used with PRO-LINE Diesel Particulate Filter Cleaner, a highly effective fluid for cleaning clogged DPFs. It dissolves contaminants quickly and effectively to improve engine performance and lower fuel consumption. This is used in conjunction with PRO-LINE Diesel Particulate Filter Purge.

Using this kit can solve DPF issues and provides garages with an excellent additional business opportunity. Our Liqui Moly range also features some excellent fuel additives for DPF preventative maintenance,

Outstanding clutch value

rymec-clutch-jul-18New applications continue to be added to our Rymec clutch range which offers a first class combination of quality and great value. This has made Rymec very popular with garages and with motorist who are working to tighter budgets.

The Rymec range offers excellent application coverage on European, Japanese and Korean vehicles, this includes a comprehensive selection of generic clutch kits that can be a practical and profitable addition to any clutch stock offering.

ADE supports important aftermarket petition

autobizThe policy of Irish insurance companies of not quoting, or not providing a competitive quote, on cars over ten years old is having a devastating impact, on the independent automotive aftermarket in Ireland. Autobiz magazine has launched a campaign aimed at ending this unfair, unjust and nonsensical practice. Thousands of sound, clean, low emission vehicles are being scrapped, making a mockery of the NCT system, because they can no longer be economically insured. Because of this, many car owners have found their vehicle’s value has been slashed. Large swaths of Irish drivers are effectively being excluded from the roads and many people’s mobility and independence is under threat. The practice is now causing garage closures and job losses in other supporting businesses and often means a vital amenity is taken away from a local community.

Please help save these cars, save jobs and protect your future. To sign please click here.

MANNs flexible Mercedes filtration solution

mann-flexResponding to the ever restricted space in the engine compartment, ADE filter supplier MANN+HUMMEL has developed new air filters with flexible external contours that make more efficient use of the available installation space.

For the

independent aftermarket, they are available as MANN-FILTER Flexline C 26 017 and C 30 030 for the Mercedes-Benz A and B Class. The C 26 017 air filter is for petrol engines and the C 30 030 is for diesel models. The use of further elements with flexible contours for other manufacturers is also planned.

The curved external contours mean the filter can accommodate a larger filtration area compared with conventional designs, and thus achieve higher separation efficiency and dust holding capacity.

The Flexline air filter contours are produced using state-of-the-art laser technology that sets new standards in filter manufacturing. Mercedes-Benz was the first vehicle manufacturer to use the innovative solution, and is now using it as standard for its MFA2 (Modular Front Architecture) platform. The air filter will therefore be used in almost all four-cylinder engines from the A and B Class as well as their derivatives in the future.

New innovation for LIQUI MOLY

lm-pick-upNew Jaguar Land Rover Oil

With the trend towards ever less viscous motor oils to facilitate lower fuel consumption and emissions continuing at pace, ADE’s German oil and additive specialist LIQUI MOLY has developed a new oil specifically for Jaguar and Land Rover vehicles. Special Tec LR 0W-20 is officially approved by Jaguar Land Rover. This STJLR 51.5122 approval is required in the latest petrol engines in Jaguars and Land Rover models.

A pick-up power boost

LIQUI MOLY has also developed a new additive line especially for pick-up trucks. Pick-ups are popular vehicles in Ireland, but many suffer from a gradual loss of performance over time. This is due to deposits on the inside of the engine.

One of the first people to be able to try out the new additives was Baja racing driver Armin Schwarz. He says, "I use all five additives both in my private diesel pick-up and in my gasoline pick-up for races. The latter is a Ford Raptor Racing Trophy Truck with 960 hp, which really gets through any terrain. These additives are unbeatable when it comes to keeping the performance of my trucks right at the top and protecting them against all hindrances."

The Truck Series Complete Diesel System Cleaner is an effective cleaning additive, which frees the fuel system and the combustion chambers from deposits. Meanwhile, the Truck Series Diesel Performance and Protectorant is designed for permanent use. The counterpart for petrol engines is the Truck Series Complete Fuel Cleaner.

The fourth additive of the new Truck series is the DPF Protector. This reduces the temperature required for automatic regeneration, so that the filter remains unblocked. The fifth additive is the Oil Treatment. It contains MoS2 particles as a lubricant, which reliably protect the engine against wear. This is not only important when starting the engine, when the oil has not yet reached every part of the engine and metal grates against metal. Even when the engine is under extreme stress, it ensures that the engine is not damaged.


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