A spring clean for the engine

lm-springOur Liqui Moly range includes several specialist products that can spring clean an engine inside and out to ensure a clean oil circuit and optimum performance.

Motor Clean

This is a highly effective cleaning additive that breaks down sludge and other dirt, which is then drained out along with the used oil. Simply add to the engine shortly before an oil change. It also helps to optimizes exhaust emissions and prevents deficient lubrication.


Super Diesel Additive

Super Diesel Additive removes deposits in the injection system and combustion chamber and prevents these from reforming. The clean engine has a lower level of fuel consumption and ensure reduced exhaust emissions. This additive provides care and protection for all components of the injection system and prevents the jet needles from fusing and gumming. It also increases the cetane rating, thereby improving the ignition performance of the diesel fuel. Super Diesel Additive makes for a smooth-running engine and protects the entire fuel system from corrosion and wear, ultimately improving emission levels and engine performance.


Injection Cleaner

For petrol engines, Injection Cleaner removes deposits on injection valves, intake valves, ignition plugs and in the combustion chamber and prevents these from reforming. It eliminates start problems and rough engine running, as well as providing care and protection for all components of the petrol injection system. Injection Cleaner protects the entire fuel system from corrosion, thereby improving throttle response and compression. In this way it provides enhanced emission levels and engine performance.


Engine Compartment Cleaner

Dirt in the engine compartment can cause many issues including corrosion. Liqui Moly Engine Compartment Cleaner gives engine compartments a fresh look, loosening oil residue, greasy soiling, tar and brake dust. The Engine Compartment Cleaner offers impressive fast-action cleaning and it is neutral towards plastics, rubber and paint.


Brake Engineering introduces new packaging

brakeBrake Engineering has updated its packaging for its extensive range of calipers, with the new design set to be rolled out across all product groups.

The packaging aligns with the new Brake Engineering branding, bringing together the highly recognisable colour scheme with the new fresh imagery, while improvements have also been made to the board thickness and strength for added product protection.

Additional support is offered as caliper fitting guides have also been updated in line with the new packaging. The user-friendly instructions offer the customer helpful advice to ensure all calipers and components are fitted efficiently, first time round. For example, information on ‘how to reset the handbrake’ and ‘adjusting the pad gap’ on different types of calipers are explained. The fitting instructions can be found in every brand new caliper package, ensuring all customers have access to the useful information.

The move is part of many investments that the brand is making as part of its ‘Original Aftermarket’ campaign. The new packaging will come on stream as new product arrives.


New to Range Ford Focus 1.0 Ecoboost Headset

fai-focus-headNow available to order in our FAI range is a replacement Headsets for the Ford Focus III 1.0 Ecoboost from 02/2012 onwards,  HS1650NH. The headset is supplied without a head gasket as there is a choice based on model year. These are:

HG1650 for years 02/12->10/12

HG1651 for years 10/12 ->

The headset contains the rocker cover, inlet and exhaust manifolds, valve stem seals, can seal and some ancillary gaskets. Full application information can be found in the online catalogue at


LUBE 66 - Manufacturer spec oils at great value prices

Our new range of Lube 66 high specification oils are formulated to meet many manufacturer specifications and provide long life performance at a very competitive prices. Here are two highlights from the expanding range.

lube66SYNTEX-LL SAE 5W30 - A high performance fully synthetic oil suitable for petrol, LPG and diesel engines with or without turbo.

Meets the specifications:

ACEA A3/B3/B4 API: SL/CF GM: LL-A-025 & LL-B-025


Available in:

5 L (Lube 6604),

20 L (Lube 6604-4)

205 L (Lube 6604-8)


SYNTEX-C4 SAE 5W30 - A high performance low saps oil suitable for petrol, LPG and diesel engines with or without turbo.

Meets the specifications:

ACEA C4-12 MB: 226.51 Renault: RN 0720


Available in:

5 L (Lube 6602),

20 L (Lube 6602-4)

205 L (Lube 6602-8)



slgThis month ADE is please to announce the addition of high quality SLG drive shafts and steering racks to the product range.

SLG Automotive is a fast growing brand in the independent automotive aftermarket with a reputation for quality and product expertise. The SLG team has drawn on more than 20 years market experience to create a simplified process for the supply of remanufactured components with first class well packaged product, excellent online cataloguing and an effective and economical core return process.

SLG steering racks and driveshafts are remanufactured to stringent ISO procedures and high quality standards within the SLG European remanufacture facility. All worn parts are replaced by new O.E standard replacements and all units are subject to strict quality checks and testing.

The range offers comprehensive coverage and excellent value for money.



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