New to range FISPA Over Running Alternator pulleys

fispa-oapWe now have in stock a comprehensive range of FISPA over running alternator pulleys. These are all in OE quality and available at very competitive prices. Please ask your ADE representative or Telesales about introductory net prices on popular applications.

MANN highlights a new filter future

While filter replacement remains a key part of the vehicle servicing today and will continue to be so for many years to come, you cannot help thinking that with the rise of the electric vehicle, filters will play a much lesser role in cars of the future.

ADE filter supplier MANN-FILTER is one of the leading OE filter suppliers, working closely with vehicle manufacturers and as such must plans its product developments many, many years ahead. Because of its unique position it is confident that even on future electric vehicles filters will have a huge role to play.

mann1-dec-18One key area where MANN is doing pioneering development is with brake dust particle filters. Electric vehicles will still feature dust producing brake pads and a significant element of this is fine dust, which is harmful to the health and environment due to its small particle size. The newly developed brake dust particle filter from MANN+HUMMEL reduces the particulate matter generated during braking by up to 80 percent. Thanks to its robust housing directly next to the brake caliper, the filter acts directly at the point of production to prevent the escape of fine dust into the environment, especially in urban driving. This is particularly important because braking in city traffic causes many times more fine dust than exhaust gases. The filter medium is a material resistant to temperature and corrosion that efficiently filters the different particle sizes. Dirt build up on alloy rims and the time-consuming removal of embedded brake dust are also reduced significantly.

mann2-dec-18To reduce fine dust pollution in urban concentrations, MANN+HUMMEL has also developed a fine dust particle filter which the company has been testing. Installed on the roof or under the floor of a vehicle, the filter removes fine dust particles from the air. Fans draw air from the environment to the filter. This means that vehicles can filter fine dust out of the surrounding air even when stationary. As such, depending on conditions, an electric vehicle can be operated emissions-neutrally through use of a fine dust particle filter.

Electric vehicle axles require not only fluid cooling, but also lubrication. The newly developed transmission fluid filter from MANN+HUMMEL ensures clean oil for lubrication and cooling of the gear wheels and other components within the transmission for vehicles with electric drive.

mann4-dec18MANN+HUMMEL is also a leader in the field of battery venting devices, for purely electric as well as plug-in hybrid vehicles. The centre piece of this device, which is mounted on the battery housing, is a gas-permeable membrane. It ensures the necessary permanent pressure compensation between the battery system and the environment and retains dust and water. If overpressure occurs due to a malfunction in the battery system, the device rapidly relieves this to prevent bursting of the housing.

These are just some of the areas where MANN is leading the way in new filter development and illustrate that no matter what power source vehicles use, there is still a strong future for filters.


nfcIntroduced to the ADE product line-up earlier this year, our range of Hub Unit Kits and Wheel Bearing Kits from NFC Europe has proved to be extremely popular.

These products offer the benefits of original equipment quality together with outstanding value for money, making them a big hit with garages right across Ireland.

NFC is a prestigious European manufacturer of vehicle components and a major OE supplier to leading car manufacturers. As such all of the Hub Kits and Wheel Bearing Kits are of the highest quality and are produced according to the International OE standard TS16949.

The NFC Auto Group produces components for many of the leading global car makers including; Audi, BMW, Chrysler, Citroen, Fiat, Honda, Mazda, Mercedes-Benz, Nissan, Opel, Renault, Seat, Suzuki, Toyota, VW and Volvo.

Our NFC range offers comprehensive coverage of all major vehicle manufacturers. All NFC Europe kits are very well priced to offer excellent value for money.

Introductory stock order packages are available. For more information contact your ADE representative or call our telesales team.

BERU Trouble Tracer solves glow plug problems

beru-ttAt this time of year demand for Glow Plugs is on the rise and when it comes to replacement there is no better choice than the original equipment quality of BERU. BERU are true experts in ignition technology and have a wealth of information and expertise in this specialist field. Much of this information can be found on the recently enhanced BERU aftermarket website.

The new site has been optimised to allow easy access on all devices including smartphones and tablets. There is also a new downloadable catalogue section, online training, trouble-tracers, technical brochures and a ‘find my part’ section.

The trouble tracer section can be especially useful for garages looking to identify problems that may be causing glow plugs to fail or not perform to their best. The site gives a visual representation of damaged plugs which are a symptom of ignition issues. It then highlights the potential causes and suggests remedies to the problem. The Trouble Tracer section is available for both glow plugs and spark plugs and both can also be downloaded as PDF wall charts. To view go to

LIQUI MOLY introduces enhanced online oil guide

lm-guideOur premium oil and additive supplier LIQUI MOLY has introduced a new enhanced online oil guide at to help users find the right oil for an application faster.

The company says that oil is no longer a general lubricant, but a highly specialised, liquid replacement component that has to precisely fit the corresponding engine. However, this means choosing the right oil is more complex, with a huge selection of oil specifications, approvals and brands.

Günter Hiermaier, CEO of LIQUI MOLY says, "The oil guide is the most popular part of our website. Every day, 5,000 users search for the right oil here, garage professionals and car drivers alike." He adds, “Just a few clicks are enough to select the make, model and engine, and already you receive a list of the right motor oils. This is so important because motor oil isn't just motor oil anymore. Using the wrong oil is like fitting the wrong replacement part. The consequences range from a loss of warranty to increased wear and engine problems right up to total engine failure.”

Günter points out that the guide also lists the right gearbox oils, brake fluids, radiator antifreeze, power steering oils as well as other operating liquids. The guide also covers motorbikes, classic cars, commercial vehicles, construction equipment, agricultural vehicles and boats.

LIQUI-MOLY says the new guide is more intuitive to use than its predecessor. There has also been a great deal of improvement behind the scenes and the database has been updated. It now covers around 80,000 different vehicles. The guide is also searchable by Irish and UK registration numbers.

Click here to see the guide.


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