New additions made to FAI Engine Bearing range

fai-engine-bearingMany important new additions have been made to our recently introduced FAI range of engine bearings. The extended  range includes many additional part numbers developed to cover popular applications such as VW, Audi, Seat, Skoda, BMW and Mercedes.

The new programme supports FAI’s range of Yenmak Pistons, Rings and Liners and includes 500 Part Numbers covering 25,000 applications and 3,000 Individual engine codes. The part number coding makes product identification simple, with a two letter prefix indicating location:

BB    Big End Bearing Set
BM    Main Bearing Set
BT    Thrust Washer Set
BC    Camshaft Bearing Set
BS    Small End Bearing Set

A new 2019 Engine Bearing catalogue is now available to order using part number CAT20/2019 for a hard copy. It is also available as a pdf. The catalogue includes a lookup by engine code, reference drawings for the bearings and dimensions for crankshaft machining.

UFI - The Formula 1 Filters

ufi-f1The UFI Filters High Tech Division team specialises in the development and production of filtration solutions for “extreme” performances. When it comes to these extremes there are fewer tougher challenges than the world of F1.

7 out of 10 F1 teams choose advanced UFI filtration products, including the world championship winning Mercedes team and Ferrari. It means that on each Grand Prix grid their are over a hundred UFI filters in the line-up. UFI technicians work closely with the teams to develop optimal filtration technologies, working in co-design with the F1 design engineers of the various manufacturers.

The partnership with the racing world began in the 70s with UFI filter first appearing in F1 in 1976. UFI has especially close and longstanding links with Ferrari, supplying over 3,000 individual parts per year, including hydraulic filters, oil filters, fuel filters and air filters.

However, the cutting edge expertise is by no means limited to F1 with UFI also working with leading teams in other competitions such as the MotoGp, the GT2 and GT3 Championships and Superbike. 

The know-how of the UFI High Tech Division is also a key factor in the development of filters for road going vehicles. Here the experience gained at the pinnacle of motorsport is drawn on to provide the same outstanding filtration quality and performance.

New Mercedes oil filter element from MANN-FILTER

mann-mercThe MANN HU 711/6 z oil filter fitted to many popular Mercedes applications, including the A,B,C and E Class, is in high demand at present. To help meet this increased demand, MANN-FILTER has released an additional oil filter element, HU 7044 z which can be fitted to the same applications.

The main difference between the HU 711/6 z and HU 7044 z is that the HU 711/6 z seals using foil discs, whereas the new HU 7044 z features welded plastic end caps. There is no difference in the filter performance as both elements are manufactured and thoroughly tested to ensure they meet the respective specifications.

The HU 711/6 z and HU 7044 z are also fully interchangeable.


osram-oct18Bulbs are sure to be big business over the coming months, but could your bulb sales be more profitable? Automotive lighting technology has moved on leaps and bounds in recent years, but all too often bulb sellers, garages and motorist still see bulbs as commodity items.

When it comes to headlamp bulbs especially, cheapest is definitely not the best option. The latest technology bulbs not only offer better performance, they also impact on driver comfort and safety, making a switch to a better quality bulb the sensible option on every level. Suggesting this switch can also provide a substantial boost for bulb business.

The key to boost bulb sales profits is up-selling and the Osram range has all the high quality options required.

If you are buying anything from a car to clothes, you will rarely buy on price alone, so why should the price be the deciding factor when it comes to a critical safety component on a car? When options are explained to them, most motorist are prepared to pay a little extra to get the benefits of a better bulb. For example, Osram Ultra Life bulbs last up to four times longer than a standard bulb, meaning they offer more convenience and peace of mind.

For greatly improved on-road night vision the Osram Nightbreaker Laser bulb is another good up-sell option. It offers 110% more light and a 40m longer beam than a standard bulb, making night driving safer and more relaxing because the drivers vision is greatly improved.

As well as headlamp bulbs, our Osram range also includes a complete range of other replacement bulbs, including LED driving lamps and daytime running lamps. We also offer a full range of 12 and 24 volt lighting with competitive pricing across the board.

Make the most of you bulb business this autumn with Osram lighting products from ADE.

Jurid OE Partnerships provide aftermarket quality guarantee

jurid-oct18Our Jurid brake pads are renowned for their quality and performance and are increasingly the first preference of garages fitting replacements, especially to premium German models. This reputation for quality has been hard won and is built on long standing OE supply partnerships with many of the world’s leading car makers. Being fitted as original equipment on a new model is the ultimate validation of Jurid’s product quality and in it quest for braking excellence.  

 Jurid is the braking name trusted by car makers for long term development partnerships. For example Jurid pads were first fitted as OE on the original WV Golf in 1974 and have been fitted on every generation of Golf since then, right up to the latest VII Facelift model. Jurid continues to work with leading car makers on an ongoing basis meaning it is fitted as OE to many of the latest models. For example:

Alfa Romeo Guilia

573663J Front 2.9 I Version

573664J Rear 2.9 I Version

573665J Front 2.0, 2.2 Version


Mercedes Benz A-Class

573402J Front

573403J Front (sport pack)

573370J Rear



573355J Front (sport pack)

573432J Front

573429J Rear (sport pack)

573401J Rear


Audi A3

573390J Front

573409J Rear



573352J Rear


The pads supplied by Jurid as aftermarket replacements are one- in-the-same as the OE pads, providing a true guarantee of quality.


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