osram2Bulbs are still big business at this time of year, but many factors and garages miss out on extra bulb sales potential because they threat them as a commodity to be sold at the lowest price. The truth is most customers want the peace of mind of a good quality bulb and are prepared to pay a little extra for it. Many also like the added benefits of better visibility or extra long life which means less regular replacement.

The Osram range from ADE is the best way to rise above the average when it comes to bulbs. Osram is the most respected name when it comes to automotive lighting products and by offering Osram products you are already standing out from the crowd with a genuine original equipment high quality bulb offer.

Osram also offer a great range of up-sell bulb options which customers often favour when the benefits are explained. This not only means increased revenue but also boosts customer satisfaction.

For example, Osram Ultra Life can last up to four times longer than a standard bulb and this is something that is worth serious consideration, especially with bulb changes becoming more complex and taking more time on many models.

Another way to stand out is by offering Osram Nightbreaker Plus bulbs as a replacement option. These bulbs deliver 110% more light and a 40m longer beam than a standard bulb, making night driving safer and easier (see above).

Simply by offering alternatives you can really boost your bulb business and ADE and Osram can be the perfect partners.

LIQUI MOLY Diesel Purge delivers triple protection

lm-dieselpurgeDiesel Purge from our oil and additive specialist LIQUI MOLY can clean and protect diesel engines in three ways. Over the course of time deposits form on the injection nozzles in diesel engines, reducing power and increasing fuel consumption and emissions. In the long run, severe engine damage can become a threat. LIQUI MOLY Diesel Purge helps to restore the engine’s original power and efficiency in three different ways.

The first method is the simplest, simply pour the additive into the fuel tank. This not only keeps the injection nozzles clean, it simultaneously protects the entire fuel system from corrosion. Diesel Purge also increases the fuel’s cetan number. The typical range of application is preventative use to keep encrustations on the injection nozzles from even starting to deposit. Diesel Purge is so simple to use it is very suitable for retail sale to car drivers.

The second method is slightly more complicated, but also more effective. For this purpose a technician disconnects the fuel line, puts the open end into the can of additive and start the engine. The engine then runs with pure additive instead of diesel fuel. This provides the maximum cleaning effect.

The third method is most practical when replacing the fuel filter. Instead of filling the new filter with diesel fuel, simply fill it with Diesel Purge. In this case the engine also runs for a short time on pure additive to remove even the most stubborn deposits. This type of application can also be used as part of a routine tune-up.

Deposits form slowly and are hardly noticeable at first. Cleaning with Diesel Purge is quick and provides an immediate effect car owners can feel and hear. Compared with replacing the injection nozzles, this is a very cost-efficient method.

LIQUI MOLY technical experts say that doing nothing can prove costly. They have documented cases where encrusted injection nozzles no longer atomised the fuel sufficiently, and instead sprayed out a thin jet which then ignited. The burning jet of fuel hit the same point spot on the piston crown every time, finally melting a hole through it. Such expensive engine damage could have been prevented if the owner had invested a few Euro in LIQUI MOLY Diesel Purge.


lucas-agm-febOne of the coldest winters in recent years has put a big strain on many vehicle batteries and as the cold mornings continue to bite, demand for battery replacements remains very healthy.

The mild winters of previous years mean that many batteries that would have previously needed replacing some time ago have been able to provide starting power for much longer than normal. However, there effectiveness has been diminished and many are now failing, or struggling on cold mornings. This is especially true of many AGM and EFB batteries for start-stop applications, with this sector of the market growing quickly this winter.

With our comprehensive Lucas battery range, ADE is geared up to meet this demand. Lucas batteries are OE spec to meet the latest automotive demands. We stock batteries for all types of car and commercial vehicle, with some 99% coverage available. This includes AGM and EFB batteries for start-stop applications.

All batteries are in stock and available for immediate delivery and are competitively priced to offer excellent value. If you need a battery think Lucas from ADE first.

New FAI Oil Pump Catalogue

fai-oil-catNow available is a new FAI Oil Pump catalogue for 2018 featuring 50 new references. The publication provides a quick and easy way to identify parts for this lucrative business sector. It includes:,

  • 140 Part Numbers
  • Over 1400 Engine Variants Covered
  • A Complete OE Cross Reference
  • All the latest Vane Technology

FAI has spent a considerable time developing a full colour, industry leading catalogue which contains more information than ever before. It is packed with information including a comprehensive application section, pictorial buyers guide and engine code lookup. There is also comparison guide to help identify key differences within families of pumps.

Outstanding value on shocks and coil springs

maxtrac-febAfter a tough winter on the roads, shock absorbers and coil springs can often need replacing and we continue to expand our great value Matrac range to meet demand. This offers a good combination of quality, performance and competitive pricing, to keep customers satisfied.

The Maxtrac shock programme delivers 100% gas filled shocks made to OE specs and developed according to ISO and TÜV standards. This programme covers a huge variety of applications, all from an economical streamlined stock holding.

Our Maxtrac Coil Spring range is also comprehensive and uses Chrome-Silicon or Chrome-Vanadium spring steel to produce long lasting spring of OE quality.

Contact your rep or telesales for more information and competitive Maxtrac prices.


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