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mann-air-jWhen it comes to filters most people rightly understand the importance of a quality oil filter, but wrongly believe that quality is not so important when it comes to air filters.  
ADE filter supplier MANN-FILTER says the importance of the air filter has increased enormously in modern vehicles and has highlighted some key reasons why skimping on air filter quality could end up costing more than you think.  

Modern engines are becoming increasingly efficient and are therefore making ever higher demands on air filters. With the increase in the air volume passing through the filter, both the load on the air filter and its importance have risen proportionately. An efficient air filter is the basis for optimum fuel combustion and so the air filter can have an important impact on both fuel consumption and emissions.

If water enters the air filter housing (as a result of heavy rain, for example), the correct function of simple air filters can no longer be guaranteed, which leads to a drop in engine power and performance. As the illustrations show there is a world of difference between a water affected MANN-FILTER and a lower quality filter. MANN-FILTERs also feature a flame-retardant impregnation that protects both engine and the vehicle occupants.

Another important factor is the protection air filters provide to other components. The technologies and materials that are used in internal combustion engine blocks have become much more sensitive. If low efficiency air filters are used, the hard surface coating of the cylinder block will be attacked by particles that have not been removed and an active wear process begins. High quality air filters from MANN-FILTER will protect valuable engine components far more effectively.

MANN-FILTERs may cost a little more, however, the price of a new air filter from MANN-FILTER is nothing compared to the cost of a new engine block, which could be the long term cost of poor quality air filters. Even the replacement of a clogged air flow meter will cost several times the price of a high quality air filter.

In the long term the false economy of cheaper filters can end up costing much more.


Pro-Line Engine Flush

lm-engine-flushLiqui-Moly Pro-Line Engine Flush is a highly effective detergent based additive especially formulated to thoroughly clean the interior of the engine before an oil change. It effectively removes deposits, and residues from both petrol and diesel engines, dissolves sludge, lacquer and isolates solid particles and liquid contaminants.

Using Pro-Line Engine Flush will dramatically improve the combustion process and restores full engine performance. The addition of this product also prevents corrosion of unprotected metal surfaces and recovers and improves oil lubricating properties.

The easy to use product is simply added to engine oil before the oil change. The engine should then be run on idle speed for 10 minutes and after this the oil is drained, oil filter changed and oil replaced with the correct spec high quality Liqui Moly oil.

Feedback form customers indicates that Pro-Line Engine Flush produces outstanding results even in high mileage engines. It is also excellent as a preventative maintenance measure.

Part number: L 2037

Pack size: 500 ml

Box quantity: 6


New to range Peugeot Wishbones

fai-peugeotNew to range and unique to FAI, we now have available wishbones for the popular Peugeot 308 model from 2013 onwards. FAI anticipate that this will be a fast moving part and recommend that factors put it in to stock and publicise its availability, as at present many garages see these as dealer only parts. The product details are:

SS8296    Wishbone Left       Peugeot 308 II 2013 >

SS8297    Wishbone Right    Peugeot 308 II 2013 >


UFI Leaders in diesel filtration

ufi-dieselAs a leading OE and aftermarket supplier of diesel fuel filtration technology few suppliers can match the expertise and innovation of UFI filters. The company is a true leader in this field and has an outstanding range of diesel filters with many unique applications.

 UFI diesel filters ensure the utmost protection and best performance for diesel engines.  Unique innovative filter materials are used to guarantee the security of injectors and the injection pump.  UFI H2O and WATER ELIMINATOR filters are patented to ensure the highest possible level for separation of water residue from the fuel (up to 95%) and have excellent impurity filtration capacities.

UFI also offers outstanding application coverage when it comes to high quality diesel filters with its advanced technology available on the market both for “Common Rail” systems and for modern diesel engines for cars, commercial vehicles and trucks.



alfa-ufiUFI Filters has secured a major supply contract for the recently launched Alfa Romeo Giulia. UFI oil and diesel modules will be standard equipment on the 2.2l diesel engine on this car and others developed on the same platform.

The oil module supplied for the Alfa Romeo Giulia, which is fitted inside the car's engine bay, is composed of a filter body in plastic reinforced with fibreglass. The first of this type provided by UFI Filters to the FCA group, it allows for a considerable weight reduction compared to similar products in die-cast aluminium. The use of fibreglass is essential to ensuring the structural strength of the filter, allowing it to handle operating pressures of up to 7-8 bar. The filter element in the oil module is made from a metal-free cellulose media which is bonded using ultrasound, a process which improves the seal even when exposed to extreme pressures and temperatures. The filtration efficiency of 50%@12μ is in line with the new Euro 6 requirements and the filter media is fully recyclable. The oil module supplied for the Giulia is equipped with a heat exchanger, temperature and oil pressure sensors located near the oil pipe at the base of the heat exchanger, an anti-drain valve and a bypass valve.

The diesel module uses exclusive DFM (Deep Filtration media). This unique design, developed by UFI, features polyamide in the form of fibres, with the size and orientation varying with the application, thus ensuring a custom- made product to meet the specific needs of the car maker. The filtration process ends with the "last chance" stage which in the event of a cold start filters the diesel fuel when the pressure regulator valve opens. The efficiency of the diesel filter provided for the Alfa Romeo Giulia is > 90%@4μm, in line with Euro 6 legislation requirements.

The module design, with body screwed into plastic, is lightweight and quick and easy to service. The cap screwed to the main body of the module removes the need to use several screws in order to close the filter, making service operations on the filter quick and easy for the mechanic. In addition to the plastic body and the filter media, the complete filter module also includes the Group Sensor with integrated electrical-electronic devices. These devices measure the temperature of the fuel, heat it in cool conditions and indicate the water levels in the collection chamber. A water and fuel bleed screw is positioned at the base of the lower cap for service operations while the main body of the filter has connectors for the entry and exit of diesel.

UFI Oil and diesel filter cartridges for the Alfa Romeo Giulia will be available to aftermarket customers from the first quarter of 2017 and will be the first replacements to market.




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