Power Up For Winter

fiam-roadAutomotive battery technology is undergoing some radical changes at present. Modern batteries now have to be more compact and more powerful than ever before and have to meet the needs of more and more electronic applications. At the same time a whole new strand of technology is required to cope with the needs of micro hybrid, or stop-start engines.

Against this backdrop ADE has been delighted with the reintroduction of the Fiamm brand to its battery range line-up. This gives customers access to a comprehensive range of OE quality automotive and commercial batteries, including the latest AGM (Absorbent Glass Material) technology batteries. These are essential for safe and reliable battery replacement where a vehicle has Start & Stop functionality, Brake Energy Regeneration or any other technologies designed to reduce fuel consumption.

Fiamm batteries on their return to ADE are already making a big impact in the marketplace. Let your business benefit from Fiamm battery quality and advanced technology this winter by talking to your ADE representative about a battery stock order now.

ADE - Your Number 1 Bulb Choice

bulbsAt this time of year bulbs start to be big business, so why not gear up for increased demand with the outstanding lighting range on offer from ADE.  We offer a complete bulb programme that not only delivers on quality but also provides some of the very best value in this lucrative sector. We can provide:

  • A complete range of 12 & 24 volt applications.
  • Guaranteed quality backed by a respected European manufacturers.
  • Bulbs for cars, trucks, buses, tractors and much more.
  • Great across the board value, not just on fast movers.
  • First class service and technical back up.

ADE is the only supplier you need for all your automotive and commercial lighting needs this winter. Contact your ADE representative about our great value volume order deals today.

Glow Plugs - Why Quality Counts

beru-glowAt this time of year glow plugs take on added importance and this year a number of factors could make this winter a busy one for glow plug sales. A higher percentage of diesel engine cars and the fact that in the present economic environment people are keeping their vehicles for longer are two factors. Added to this, last years harsh winter means that many vehicle ignition systems had to work extra hard in the past twelve months meaning a greater need for replacement components.

When it comes to glow plug replacement, Beru is the name you can trust. Beru are responsible for a huge proportion of the OE plugs that car manufacturers rely on and is the company at the cutting edge of ignition technology.

Glow plugs perform a vital function on a diesel engine vehicle in cold and damp conditions, but faults will sometimes go unnoticed over the summer. When the temperature drops faulty plugs can mean big problems:

  • Slow and less reliable starting
  • Dramatically increased fuel consumption in the start-up phase
  • Increased CO2 emissions and the risk of NCT failure.
  • The possibility of long term engine damage
  • A greatly increased risk of a vehicle failing to start with inconvenience and cost.

ADE can offer the complete Beru glow plug range with outstanding quality and application coverage. Right now we can also do some of the very best value deals on quality glow plug stock orders.

Jakoparts - Bigger range and now even better value
jakop-carsOur new 2011 Jakoparts price list became effective on July 22nd and includes many significant price reductions across the board. This means that as well as a greatly expanded range we can now also provide even better value for money, particularly in sectors such as Filters, Brake Pads and Discs, Clutches, Wheel Bearings, Timing Belt Kits and Steering products.

When it comes to parts for Japanese and Korean cars Jakoparts is the brand of choice for thousands of customers across Europe and is fast becoming a leader in the Irish market.  

Full details of this outstanding range can be found in the new Jakoparts 2011 catalogue. This is a must have for any business serious about the Japanese and Korean parts sector and is packed with product details, illustrations and technical information.

Hard copies of the catalogue can be obtained from your ADE representative or by calling ADE telesales. You can also access full and up to the minute information on-line by clicking here
New to range - Klaxcar Wheel Bearings
klaxcar-wheelbearingsNew to range, in stock and available this month are Klaxcar Wheel Bearings. These components are excellent quality and offer superb value in this important product sector. The initial range offers good application coverage, especially on French and German cars, with over 60 references available. The range will also expand over the coming months to offer even better application coverage.

Ask your ADE representative or our telesales team for product and price details of this important Klaxcar range addition.

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