obdAftermarket representative bodies have welcomed the news that crucial provisions on the OBD connector and access to RMI have been included in the proposed EU legislation on Vehicle Type-Approval Regulation, signifying a huge step forward for the aftermarket regarding access to in-vehicle data.

This news comes after ADE and many of its customers supported a petition organised by Autobiz Magazine, together with lobbying of Irish EU representatives to ensure that the voice of the independent aftermarket in Ireland was taken into account.

The EU Council's main preparatory body, COREPER, recognised the need for the independent automotive aftermarket to maintain access to diagnostic and RMI-related data. It also clarified that access will be granted whilst the vehicle is in motion. This is essential to perform diagnostic, repair and maintenance services, at least until a solution is found for telematics access to the ‘connected car’.

However, whilst it has been clarified that the OBD port shall remain open whilst the vehicle is in motion, some vehicle manufacturers have started to introduce new measures, preventing access of independent operators to the OBD port. FIGIEFA, the European aftermarket body says it’s aim is to ensure that aftermarket access to in-vehicle data remains possible, with the issue to be swiftly addressed in 2018 by the EU Council.

Concerning the format of RMI information made available to independent repairers, this has often been in an unusable format, hampering the repair process causing significant losses in terms of time and efficiency. The new legislation intends to clarify that RMI and spare parts identification information shall also be provided in a machine readable and electronically processable form.

Aftermarket access to in-vehicle data will increase the competitiveness of automotive servicing and contribute to effective competition, offering motorists freedom of choice in the aftermarket care of their vehicles.

The agreement will now need to be approved by the EP IMCO Committee before it is submitted for approval. If approved by the European Parliament, the new regulation will come into play from 1 September 2020.

Get vehicles back on the road faster with ADE

vorOne of the most frustrating aspects of the garage business is when a car is off the road and the necessary replacement parts are not in stock with the motor factor or distributor. It means customers have to put up with considerable inconvenience and the vehicle can often take up valuable workshop space and affect the flow of jobs.

ADE can assist in this instance with a special vehicle-off-the-road emergency ordering service. Using our vast aftermarket experience and comprehensive portfolio of suppliers we can access VOR parts and have them delivered to factors quicker than many other distributors. We have particular expertise in accessing non-stock items.

Next time one of your customers has a VOR situation why not put our service to the test. We are confident it won’t disappoint.

LIQUI MOLY becomes part of the Wurth Group

liqui-molyADE’s oil and additives specialist, LIQUI MOLY, has announced that it is now part of the Würth Group.  LIQUI MOLY has a long relationship with the Würth Group, with the multi-national being a silent partner for some 20 years.

LIQUI MOLY has stressed that apart from the change of owner behind the scenes, it will still maintain its much respected product range and excellent levels of service.

LIQUI MOLY remains an independent company within the Würth Group, Ernst Prost remains CEO and all employees will remain in place. "Those who know me know that my employees are my focus," says Ernst Prost. "After all, it would be foolish to change anything about the road to success over the past few years. Everything will continue just as before, just under a bigger roof that offers greater protection."

Ernst added that the move had been made to further strengthen the brand after what has been another record sales year.

Dayco - Perfect Timing

daycoThe Dayco brand has made a major impression since its recent introduction to the ADE product line-up. This will come as no surprise, as the company is a global leader in its field as both a major original equipment and aftermarket supplier.

The move means ADE customers now have access to Dayco’s comprehensive timing belt range and its unique timing belt expertise. As one of the largest timing belt manufacturers in the world, Dayco offers a variety of belt constructions suitable for any application using the latest materials and a highly engineered, patented timing belt tooth composite construction. 

Dayco is recognised by the automotive industry as a world leading manufacturer of timing belts. The Dayco timing belt, designed for OHC and DOHC type engines, features a moulded cog design which runs quieter and is more economical. Dayco belts also feature a premium, high modulus glass fibre cord that delivers precise length stability to keep the engine running smoothly over the life of the belt.

The belt’s compounding and tooth configurations are designed for specific applications ranging from normal service to high performance, high temperature engines where HSN compound is used.

As an original equipment supplier to the major vehicle producers, Dayco timing belts meet all original equipment manufacturer performance requirements. The belts also offer first class performance over an extended service life meaning excellent long term value for customers.

The Dayco timing belt range is full detailed on Tec Doc and is now available from ADE, your long standing, Irish owned, trusted automotive aftermarket distributor.

Revive an engine heartbeat with FAI Oil Pumps

fai-oilWhen it comes to Oil Pump replacement, FAI offers a complete solution with all types of pump for all kinds of engines. FAIs extensive range of oil pumps encompasses all common pump designs and drive types. FAI can offer over 130 oil pumps covering in excess of 1300 applications including covering European, Korean and Japanese vehicles.

The full FAI range of oil pumps comprises of:

  • Gear Pumps
  • Vane Pumps
  • Crescent Pumps
  • Rotor Pumps

It also covers the following drive types:

  • Auxiliary Driven Pump
  • Belt Driven Pump
  • Chain Driven Pump
  • Crankshaft Driven Pump
  • Gear Driven Pump
  • Shaft Driven Pump

ADE can offer access to the complete range of high quality FAI oil pumps.


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