New innovation for LIQUI MOLY

lm-pick-upNew Jaguar Land Rover Oil

With the trend towards ever less viscous motor oils to facilitate lower fuel consumption and emissions continuing at pace, ADE’s German oil and additive specialist LIQUI MOLY has developed a new oil specifically for Jaguar and Land Rover vehicles. Special Tec LR 0W-20 is officially approved by Jaguar Land Rover. This STJLR 51.5122 approval is required in the latest petrol engines in Jaguars and Land Rover models.

A pick-up power boost

LIQUI MOLY has also developed a new additive line especially for pick-up trucks. Pick-ups are popular vehicles in Ireland, but many suffer from a gradual loss of performance over time. This is due to deposits on the inside of the engine.

One of the first people to be able to try out the new additives was Baja racing driver Armin Schwarz. He says, "I use all five additives both in my private diesel pick-up and in my gasoline pick-up for races. The latter is a Ford Raptor Racing Trophy Truck with 960 hp, which really gets through any terrain. These additives are unbeatable when it comes to keeping the performance of my trucks right at the top and protecting them against all hindrances."

The Truck Series Complete Diesel System Cleaner is an effective cleaning additive, which frees the fuel system and the combustion chambers from deposits. Meanwhile, the Truck Series Diesel Performance and Protectorant is designed for permanent use. The counterpart for petrol engines is the Truck Series Complete Fuel Cleaner.

The fourth additive of the new Truck series is the DPF Protector. This reduces the temperature required for automatic regeneration, so that the filter remains unblocked. The fifth additive is the Oil Treatment. It contains MoS2 particles as a lubricant, which reliably protect the engine against wear. This is not only important when starting the engine, when the oil has not yet reached every part of the engine and metal grates against metal. Even when the engine is under extreme stress, it ensures that the engine is not damaged.

Japanparts offers total shock solution

japan-shockShock absorbers are critical safety components on a vehicle. They should be checked every 20,000 km and replaced every 60 to 80,000 km to ensure both safety and comfort. When it comes to replacement, our Japanparts range offers the perfect combination of quality and value.

The range provides comprehensive market coverage with over 1600 part numbers and new items added on a regular basis. The range is, as you might expect, very strong on Asian brands, but also offer excellent coverage on European and American models including the VAG Group, FCA Group, Renault-Nissan-Dacia, PSA Group, BMW, GM, Mercedes, Subaru, Toyota and Volvo. Among more recent additions there are also shocks for Cadillac, Hummer, Land Rove and Smart vehicles.

All shocks are made using only high quality components and materials. The stem features high-resistance chrome plating and NOK o-rings which are long lasting and noted for their excellent sealing properties.

All Japanparts shocks are well packaged for space saving and easy product identification and are competitively priced.

Offer a long life upgrade

osram-llIt is very frustrating for both garages and drivers when headlights fail. Bulbs replacement is very often a difficult procedure so it means a trip to the garage which is time consuming and inconvenient. It therefore makes perfect sense that when a bulb is replaced, it is replaced with one that will last for as long as possible.

Osram Ultra Life have an impressive lifespan up to four times longer compared to standard halogen lamps. This means a life of up to 100,000 km. Osram also provides a 4 year guarantee for the ultra reliable bulbs.

In addition to this, Ultra Life headlight lamps have a modern design with silver cap (H4/H7/H11). They are therefore ideal for high mileage drivers or vehicles that use daytime running lights. They can also be used in clear-glass headlights.


fai-window-5-18The harsh winter may be drifting from the memory but it is quite likely to have left its mark on many vehicle window regulators. Trying to operate the window during freezing conditions is the number one cause of failure as ice build-up on the windows can put additional stress on the motor, in turn this can damage the nylon gears which can crack and break. Cables are also likely to get damaged with the added stress cold weather puts on the internal mechanism.

Just as cold weather affects people, it also affects vehicles. Window regulators have lubricants in the motor and cable drive to aid proper function. In colder weather these lubricants lose viscosity and the drives become less efficient because they require more energy to turn. The result is that many window regulators fail as they are subject to increasing use in the spring and summer months.

Garages all too often assume that a replacement will have to be sourced from a dealer, usually with a hefty price tag. However, our FAI range features a huge selection of replacement window regulators at very competitive prices. The range covers over 350 part numbers and features regulators both with and without motors. These all come which come with a 12 month / 12,000 mile warranty. Each window regulator also comes in a robust box, along with fitment instructions.

The range includes regulators for Scissor System, Bowden Systems and Double Bowden System. There is a also wide selection of panel or pre mounted window regulators which reduce repair times.

The range is constantly being updated to reflect latest demand patterns in this growing and potentially lucrative sector. Recent important additions include:

BMW 1 Series E81 06-13 (2 door)

Front Left:

FAI No. WR325

OE Ref: 51337165595

Front Right:

FAI No. WR326

OE Ref: 51337165596


MINI R56,R57 07-15 (2 door)

Front Left:

FAI No. WR327

OE Ref: 51332756083

Front Right:

FAI No. WR328

OE Ref: 51332756084


SEAT Altea, Toledo lll 04-09 (4 door)

Front left:

FAI No. WR329

OE Ref: 5P0837461

Front right:

FAI No. WR330

OE Ref: 5P0837462

Serious benefits in no time!

mann-cabin18More comfort, better health and increased safety. If a single product could offer you all of this you would probably want to buy it. However, the humble cabin filter can offer a motorist all of these benefits, but many do not know they even exist.

Cabin filters mean cleaner in-car air. An effective filter ensures that pollen, particulates, metal grit, dust and dirt cannot enter the passenger compartment. This can prevent health issues for vehicle occupants, especially allergy sufferers, reduce driver fatigue and make journeys more comfortable. Cabin filters also have a vital safety role reducing the dangerous film build up on the inside of a windscreen and so aiding better visibility. They can also help prevent expensive damage to sensitive components in the vehicle air conditioning system.

Cabin filters will naturally clog over time and become less operationally effective. ADE supplier MANN-FILTER, is the leading OE cialis pas cher filter supplier of cabin filters globally and recommends the cabin air filter should be replaced every 15,000 km. All replacement MANN cabin air filters are OE quality and come with detailed fitting instruction in the box to make the process as simple as possible. It is also well worth pointing out that 12.6 minutes is the average time it takes to change a vehicle cabin filter. Not a lot of time for something that can provide serious benefits to motorists and a significant boost to garage revenues.

All replacement MANN cabin air filters are OE quality and come with detailed fitting instruction in the box to make the process as simple as possible.


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