A new name in high quality lubricants

lube 66This month sees the arrival of another important addition to the ADE product line-up.

Lube 66 is ADE’s new own brand range of high quality automotive oils. The range will feature high specification oils formulated especially for the needs of the latest engines, offering excellent performance and long service life.

The products will also be attractively priced. Ask your representative or the telesales team for more information.


Sachs highlight worn shock dangers

sachs-shockInspection campaigns by ADE premium shock supplier Sachs have confirmed that approx. 14% of vehicles tested have got at least one defective shock absorber. For vehicles with worn or defective shock absorbers there can be serious consequences. The stopping distance becomes longer, because the car's road contact is no longer optimally ensured and many electronic driver assistance systems, such as ESP, ABS and traction control will have their performance compromised.

The stopping distance can increase by up to 14% or five and a half meters if braking at full power from a speed of 100 km/h with shock absorbers which perform only half of their original function.

Drivers do not notice wear of their shock absorbers and therefore depend on the professional advice from their workshop. If the shock absorbers no longer prevent the car body from pitching and vibrating, then it is more difficult to control the vehicle during evasive actions. Its cornering ability generally becomes unstable and the car is more prone to aquaplaning. In addition, the shock absorber wear has a negative impact in other areas such as tyres and chassis components, such as tie-rod ends or steering devices which are exposed to greater wear.

Particularly at this time year shock checks are essential and could be a life saver.


Front Control Arms for Mercedes E-Class

New to the FAI steering and suspension range are front control arms for the Mercedes E-Class 4 Matic:


fai-mercSS8972 - Upper Front Control Arm Left    Mercedes W211 E-Class 4 Matic 06>


SS8973 - Upper Front Control Arm Right  Mercedes W211 E-Class 4 Matic 06>


SS8974 - Lower Front Control Arm   Mercedes E-Class 4 Matic 10>


SS8977 - Lower Front Control Arm Left   Mercedes E-Class 4 Matic 10>


SS8978 - Lower Front Control Arm Right    Mercedes E-Class 4 Matic 10>


Winter caliper checks

brake-caliper-checkWith vehicle braking systems having to cope with the stress of the winter months it is important to check brake callipers at this time of year. ADE brake caliper supplier, Brake Engineering offers some advice;

A visual inspection of the mechanical and hydraulic parts is the first step, looking for in particular leaking, cracking and wear of all associated parts.

Having completed the visual checks, the technician should check the physical operation of the caliper, in particular, the free sliding action of the guide bolts in the carrier. The piston should push its pad into contact with the disc, and the carrier should pull the other pad into contact.

If this fails to happen, and there are any signs of corrosion or damage, dismantle the caliper and remove the pads. Take the carrier, and clean using brake cleaner and a wire brush. Pay particular attention to the guide pins, and guide pin bores and make sure not to damage the rubber components.

Under no circumstances must any attempt be made to “re-work” the carrier, i.e. using a file to “clean out” corrosion. Any work of this nature can lead to excessive clearances to the pad abutments, which will result in clanking and rattling noises on braking. If
necessary fit new guide pins and dust covers.



lucas-glow-catSo far this winter has seen many more freezing temperature mornings than in recent years. This means that many of the diesel vehicles on Irish roads are struggling to start and far more likely to need their glow plugs replaced.

Our Lucas range of glow plugs offers the perfect replacement solution. They are manufactured in Europe to the highest quality standards and offer unbeatable reliability and performance, backed by a two year warranty.

The Lucas Diesel glow plug range also offers very comprehensive application coverage which is fully detailed in a brand new 2017 Catalogue. This publication features many new application including:

LP165 - Kia Sedona II 2.9 CRDi 06/06>
LP166 -
Subaru Forester / Impreza / Legacy 2.0D 09/08>
LP167 - Smart Fortwo (451) 0.8 CDi 08/09>
LP168 - Mercedes A/C/E Class 200 / 220CDI 11/11>
LP169 - Mercedes C/E/S/CLS 350CDI 06/11>
LP170 - Mazda 3/6/CX5 2.2 Skyactiv-D 150 09/13>
LP171 - Isuzu D-Max 2.5/3.0 DiTD 10/06>
LP172 - Opel / Vauxhall Movano II (B) 2.3CDTI 05/14>
LP174 - BMW 3 Series 316/318/320/325d 09/09>
LP175 -
Opel/Vauxhall Astra J / Meriva B 1.6 CDTi 11/13>
LP176 - Toyota Yaris 1.4 D-4D 09/11>

In modern vehicles the role of the glow plug is about much more than just starting. The glow plug plays a vital role in engine management helping to reduce emissions, increase fuel economy and produce a smooth better performing power unit. This makes high quality glow plug replacement vital.

 The Lucas range of glow plugs not only delivers on quality and the latest technology, it also offers exceptional value, and all from a well recognised and highly respected brand name.



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