We now have in stock a wide range of engine management products from FISPA, including sensors, valves, pumps, thermostats and throttle bodies.

These products are manufactured by the highly respected Italian component specialist FISPA.

FISPA is a leading Original Equipment supplier in this field with over 25 years of expertise. It produces advanced technology products in ISO accredited production facilities to ensure high quality and long service life.

The range offers comprehensive application coverage on all makes and models and is consistently updated to reflect fast changing demand.

Engine management is a huge area of business growth in the aftermarket and the FISPA range from ADE is the perfect way to maximise potential.

fispa-groupThe range currently includes;

  • Fuel Pumps
  • Temperature Sensors
  • Oil level sensors & valves
  • Crankshaft sensors
  • EGR valves
  • ABS sensors
  • Pressure sensors
  • Throttle bodies
  • Thermostats

Full details of FISPA products can be found on TecDoc or by a search of the online catalogue at For more information and special stock order details contact your ADE representative or the telesales team.

New to range from FAI

Several important additions have been made to the market leading FAI Steering and suspension programme. These high quality additions meet the latest market needs and help to ensure the range is one of the most up-to-date available. The key part numbers are:

Part No.: SS8859 / SS8860

Lower Control Arm Rearward Left / Right 

Audi A6 (4G2, C5)

Part No.: SS9179 / SS9180

Link Stabilizer Front / Rear

Ford Mondeo V 2014 >

Part No.: SS9182 / SS9183

Track Control Arm Lower Left / Right

Renault Traffic III 2014 >

Part No.: SS8871 / SS8872

Rear Forward Upper Arm Left / Right

BMW 1 Series (F20, F21) 2011 >

Part No.: SS8238 / SS8239

Track Control Arm Left / Right

Nissan Qashqai / Qashqai +2 02/2007 >

Renault Kadjar 02/2007>

Land Rover Wishbone Fitting Kits

Also recently added to the FAI steering and suspension range are a selection of Discovery and Range Rover Sport wishbone fitting kits. These bolt kits support the existing wishbone range. These fitting bolts are often seized or corroded meaning that they need replacement with the wishbone.

Four individual kits are available each offering considerable savings over dealer or other aftermarket alternatives.

Parts Nos are: SS9236, SS9237, SS9238, SS9239. Full application listings can be found in TecDoc or in the online catalogue at

Maxtrac delivers on suspension value

mactrac-mar-17Spring is traditionally the time when vehicle suspension systems are checked after the rigours of driving in winter. Shocks and coil springs are often found to be faulty, with as many as one in seven cars on the road having some kind of suspension fault.

The Maxtrac range of replacement shocks and coil springs from ADE offer a great combination of performance, quality and value to keep customers satisfied.

The consolidated Maxtrac shock programme delivers 100% gas filled shocks made to OE specs and developed according to ISO and TÃœV standards. This programme covers a huge range of applications from a streamlined stock holding.

The Maxtrac Coil Spring range is equally comprehensive and uses Chrome-Silicon or Chrome-Vanadium spring steel to produce long lasting OE quality.


fispaADE is pleased to announce that it has become a distributor for the highly respected FISPA brand of electronic components, with stocks arriving very shortly. The introduction of the FISPA range represents a great opportunity for customers to capitalise on a an area of fast growing aftermarket business potential.

FISPA is one of the leading names in the fast developing field of automotive sensors, valves and other precision electronic parts. The company is a leading supplier to many to many OE first equipment producers and as such is at the forefront of technological developments in this specialist area.

The FISPA brand is part of the Italian S.I.D.A.T. Group which has over 25 years of expertise and experience in the automotive sector. The group is a major supplier and developer in electro-mechanics, electronics and air-conditioning spare parts for vehicles. It has a reputation for excellent quality which is reflected in UNI EN ISO certificates, 9001:2000 and 9001:2008.

The FISPA range covers all makes and models and features a comprehensive selection of specialist sensors, valves and other electronic components. These include:

  • Fuel level sender
  • Oxygen sensors
  • Mass air flow meters
  • Switches and sensors
  • EGR Valves
  • Air by-pass valves
  • Pressure regulators
  • Throttle bodies
  • And many more.

Full details of FISPA products can be found on TecDoc or by a search of the online catalogue at

The range is also consistently updated to reflect the fast changing nature of this aftermarket sector.

Sachs highlight worn shock dangers

sachs-shockInspection campaigns by ADE premium shock supplier Sachs have confirmed that approx. 14% of vehicles tested have got at least one defective shock absorber. For vehicles with worn or defective shock absorbers there can be serious consequences. The stopping distance becomes longer, because the car's road contact is no longer optimally ensured and many electronic driver assistance systems, such as ESP, ABS and traction control will have their performance compromised.

The stopping distance can increase by up to 14% or five and a half meters if braking at full power from a speed of 100 km/h with shock absorbers which perform only half of their original function.

Drivers do not notice wear of their shock absorbers and therefore depend on the professional advice from their workshop. If the shock absorbers no longer prevent the car body from pitching and vibrating, then it is more difficult to control the vehicle during evasive actions. Its cornering ability generally becomes unstable and the car is more prone to aquaplaning. In addition, the shock absorber wear has a negative impact in other areas such as tyres and chassis components, such as tie-rod ends or steering devices which are exposed to greater wear.

Particularly at this time year shock checks are essential and could be a life saver.


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