Shine a light on your bulb sales with Osram

At this time of year bulbs are big business, but many factors and garagea are making only a fraction of their true potential earnings on lighting because they treat bulbs as a mere commodity.

The key to boost bulb sale profits is up-selling and the Osram range has all the high quality options you need.

By offering an up-sell alternative to a standard replacement headlight bulb you not only increase revenue, you also boost customer satisfaction and stand out for the crowd.

Most motorist are prepared to pay a little extra to get the benefits of the better vision offered by a xenon light or the added convenience and peace of mind of a long life bulb, such as the Osram Ultra Life which lasts up to four times longer than a standard bulb.

The Osram Nightbreaker Laser bulb is another good up-sell example. It offers 110% more light and a 40m longer beam than a standard bulb, making night driving safer and easier.

Make the most of you bulb business this autumn with Osram lighting products from ADE.

Range Rover Sport steering & suspension parts evolution

The Range Rover Sport has become popular with certain Irish car buyers, especially as a UK import. The car has been on the road since 2004 and its suspension is prone to damage. This means demand for replacement steering and suspension parts is always healthy and our FAI range is constantly being adapted to meet this demand. In the last 12 months alone FAI have added 33 new Land Rover part numbers including the Range Rover Sport 2013. In this year the model was updated and made longer and lighter with a new suspension set up to include active anti roll bars, dubbed Dynamic Response. FAI quickly introduced these parts to its range which includes the in demand Rear Upper control Arm and corresponding bush, SS9481 Arm, SS9360 Bush (pictured right).

Other popular replacement Range Rover parts are the SS8116, SS8118 and SS8119 Link Rods.

Following its latest range expansion FAI now offers an industry leading Land Rover aftermarket range. To see the full availability visit the FAI online catalogue at

Two new advanced Gear Box Oils from Liqui Moly

Now available in our LIQUI MOLY range are two new gearbox oils, TOP TEC MTF 5200 75W-80 and TOP TEC MTF 5100 75W.

These new MTF oils, which stands for Manual Transmission Fluid, are high-performance lubricants with minimal viscosity to reduce fuel consumption. The oils also feature a range of advanced additives to cope with the changing nature of the latest gearboxes.

TOP TEC MTF 5200 75W-80 was developed for use in transaxle, transmission and distribution gearboxes and TOP TEC MTF 5100 75W specially for manual transmission gearboxes and double-clutch gearboxes, S tronic and DSG. Both oils ensure outstanding shifting comfort, guarantee a clean gearbox and a long oil service life under all operating conditions.

LIQUI MOLY recommends Top Tec MTF 5200 75W-80 for vehicles, engines and transmissions requiring the following specifications or genuine part numbers: MW 83 22 0 309 031, BMW 83 22 0 403 247, BMW MTF LT-2, BMW MTF LT-4, Ford WSD-M2C 200-C, GM 1940764, GM 1940768, NISSAN MT-XZ, NISSAN MT-XZ TL (JR Type), Peugeot Citroen (PSA) B71 2330, Special Honda MTF-II, Volvo 97308

LIQUI MOLY recommends TOP TEC MTF 5100 75W for vehicles, engines and transmissions requiring the following specifications or genuine part numbers: BMW 83 22 7 533 818, BMW MTF LT-3, Ford WSD-M2C 200-D2, VW G 052 178, VW G 052 512, VW G 052 726, VW G 060 726, VW G 070 726

Both new gearbox oils are available in 1, 20 and 60


ufi-cat-17UFI continues to be one of the major success stories in the filter aftermarket both in Ireland and right across Europe, with the brand strengthening it position as a high quality original equipment and replacement filter supplier. Reflecting this success the brand continues to expand it product offering which is now detailed in a new format 2017/2018 catalogue.

The latest catalogues are for Light Vehicles and Truck and Bus and feature new easy to read layouts and lots of useful information. There is also a practical “dimensions” section for all product types complemented by a selection of images which have been fully updated to reflect the expanding range.

The Light Vehicles range feature a comprehensive offering of aftermarket products, including air, fuel, engine oil, cabin and service filters. Specialist products are also featured in the Truck and Bus range such as blow-by, urea, hydraulic oil and water filters.

Reflecting the up-to-date nature of the light vehicle range, products are featured for more recently launched models such as the VW's Golf VII, Porsche's 718 Boxster and Cayman, the Range Rover IV, BMW's 1 Series and Alfa Romeo's Giulia and Stelvio.

Meanwhile the truck range features products for many major new vehicle models for which UFI Filters is the OE supplier, including the new VW Crafter 30, the International Van of the Year 2017, Iveco Stralis E6, Ford Otosan Cargo E6 and Man TGS/TGX E6.

The full catalogue can be accessed on line at

MANN develops brake dust filter innovation

mann-brake-filterMANN+HUMMEL is once again at the cutting edge of filter technology with the development of a brake dust particle filter which substantially reduces the release of particulates which are created during braking into the atmosphere.

Braking in city traffic creates significantly more dust than exhaust emissions. Every braking action creates brake dust through friction on the brake disc and brake pads. This mainly comprises particulates and due to the small particle size is harmful to health and the environment. A study from the World Health Organization came to the conclusion that 92% of humans live in areas where air pollution is above the permissible level.

After successful tests on the test bench the brake dust particle filter is now being tested in the "fine dust eater" fleet by MANN+HUMMEL in tests which are close to real driving conditions. The newly developed brake dust particle filter from MANN+HUMMEL considerably reduces the emission of particulates and as a result less brake dust particulates are able to penetrate the ambient air in traffic. The filter can be adapted to existing installation space in the area of the brake disc. The brake dust particle filter is suitable for use with all types of drive ranging from electric vehicles to hybrid vehicles as well as conventional petrol and diesel vehicles.

The robust housing of the filter fitted close to the brake caliper allows the filter to prevent the emission directly at the source of fine dust to the ambient air. The filter medium which efficiently filters the various particle sizes is made from a material which is resistant to temperature and corrosion. The retention of the fine dust directly at the place where it is created also prevents the soiling of alloy rims.

The brake dust particle filter from MANN+HUMMEL with its robust design can also become a coloured styling element. It will also have application on trucks and trains.

This development shows how MANN is looking to the future and developing new products which can add value in a changing aftermarket.


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