New to range FAG CV Bearings

fagcvbWe are delighted to announce the addition of FAG CV Bearings to our range. These products are tested to the highest standards to ensure long bearing life and zero maintenance. They offer genuine competitive advantages to truck and trailer fleet operators. For orders and further information contact our telesales team.


Alan Lyons elected President of the SIMI

AlanSIMICongratulations to ADE Managing Director, Alan Lyons, who was recently elected President of the Society of the Irish Motor Industry (SIMI) at the organisation's 44th AGM, held at Croke Park.

In his inaugural address to members as President, Alan highlighted the need for members to get back to basics, he commented, "SIMI members have the highest qualified technicians in the Industry and undoubtedly we provide the highest quality of service." Alan also spoke about the difficulties currently faced by the aftermarket sector, including the flourishing black market trade and sales of dubious car parts and 'part worn tyres' which he said only make false short-term savings that come back to haunt the motorist in the longer run. Combating this he praised the launch of the SIMI APR (Autosure Professional Register) which raises awareness of the importance for motorists to have their vehicles serviced only in garages which are fully qualified to carry out the work.


Your essential on-line oil guide

lm-oilguideThe demands of modern engines mean that choosing the right oil for a specific model is now more important than ever. With different viscosities, specs, and manufacturer approvals this can seem daunting, but the free LIQUI MOLY guide at can make it simple.

Just updated the guide now includes 30 new makes of car to provide comprehensive information, including increasingly popular Chinese origin models. With the new additions the LIQUI MOLY online oil guide includes 127 different car makes. The guide is simple to use, just enter basic vehicle details and the recommend engine oil is given. There is also model specific information on transmission oils, oils for the power steering and automatic transmission fluids. All this information can be printed out and kept in a handy glove compartment format for quick reference.

The Liqui Moly Oil Guide is a great tool for factors and garages eliminating any uncertainties about the right oil for a particular vehicle. It can be viewed at for free and can be used without registering.


Cash in on cabin filters

cabinAs spring hopefully turns into a bright summer, now is a great time to put and extra push on cabin filters. Whether you are a factor or a fitter, cabin filters represent potential cash for your business and make perfect sense at every level.

  • Parts suppliers can supply a filter with every service kit and so boost revenue.
  • Garages can fit a new cabin filter at every service and thus get added parts and labour revenue while also increasing customer satisfaction.
  • The customer gets cleaner in-car air, less tiredness, less allergy and health problems and no dangerous windscreen film build-up.

However, many motor trade businesses continue to miss out on cabin filter potential because of some common misconceptions about these products:

They take too long to fit

ADE filter supplier MANN has calculated that the average cabin filterreplacement time is just 16.6 minutes and can be as little as 6 minutes on some models. Modern cabin filters are designed to be service items and as such are now generally very accessible.

Cabin filters are hard to find

MANN make it easy to find information on cabin filter location and replacement on a particular model. There are fitting guides in all formats of the MANN catalogue (printed, on-line and CD) and there is a fitment guide in every filter box to make the job easy.

It is hard to get the right filters

The MANN cabin filter range from ADE, is a global leader and has filters for just about every application. This includes all Europe and Far Eastern models, all in superb OE quality.

Make the most of cabin filters this year. Full information on the range is available in the 2012 MANN catalogue or at

New to range: ADE Anti Freeze and Coolant

antifreezeNow in stock and available we have ADE Anti Freeze and Coolant.

These quality products come in 5 Litre pack sizes.

Product codes are:

CL005 - Coolant.

AF005 - Antifreeze

Both are very competitively priced.

Note: Antifreeze is ready mixed


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