New Starter Motors and Alternators from WAI petition

waiNew rotating electrics products have been added to the ADE range from WAIglobal, highlighting the brands commitment to bringing to market products that meet customer demand and provide greater vehicle coverage quickly.

A total of 14 new alternators and 2 new starters have been added covering many popular passenger car and light commercial vehicle makes and models on Irish roads.

These include; Renault Megane, Kia Sportage, Audi TT TFSi (2008 >), Hyundai ix35, BMW X6 3.0D (2012 > 2015), Opel Vivaro 1.6 dCi/CDTI (2014 >) and Porsche 911 (2009 >). All of the new references are listed on both MAM and TecDoc cataloguing systems.

The additions reflect WAI’s commitment to further product development and offering aftermarket customers even more choice. With more than 3000 part numbers in total, WAIglobal has one of the largest ranges of rotating electrics available.

Validation testing for all WAI rotating electrical products includes endurance, humidity, power thermal cycling, vibration, salt spray and thermal shock. A full technical support service that provides comprehensive advice on fitting procedures and in-service issues is available as standard when ordering each part.

For more information on the extensive and excellent value WAI range of starters and alternators contact your ADE representative of the telesales team.

Get set for winter with ADE

winter-sep18Now is the time to gear up for winter demand and ADE can help with a great choice of leading brand winter products at very competitive prices. Your ADE representative can also advise on stock packages and make sure you get the very best deals. Our winter programme includes:

Lucas Batteries

A complete range of batteries with comprehensive vehicle coverage and outstanding performance. This includes a selection of AGM batteries for start/stop applications which are expected to be in high demand this winter.

Beru Glow Plugs & Spark plugs

A complete range of exceptional quality glow plugs, spark plugs and ignition components from one of the worlds leading OE suppliers it its field. The range is constantly updated to include replacement plugs fro the very latest models.

Osram and Neolux Lighting

A range of high quality lighting products that includes all the latest technology and upgrade options. We stock a full range of both 12 and 24 volt bulbs with competitive pricing right across the board.

Antifreeze and Coolants

We now have in stock, very well priced, high quality antifreeze and coolant in pack sizes from 1 to 200L. This includes both red and blue options in both ready for use and concentrate mixes.

FAI Steering & Suspension New to range highlights

Our FAI Steering and suspension range continues to grow with new part numbers added every month to make it the most up-to-date and relevant range in the aftermarket. Here are some of the latest new to range highlights:


fai-sep18SS9701 / SS9702


L/H & R/H

Citroen C4 II 2009>


SS8997 / SS8998

W/B Lower

L/H & R/H

Renault Captur 2013>



Front Link Rod

L/H & R/H

Renault Megane 2015>


SS9400 / SS9401

Arm Upper Rear L/H & R/H

Mercedes A Class 2012>



Lower Ball Joint

Subaru Legacy 2009 - 14



See the full range at

Additives to fight engine wear

lm-sep18ADE oil and additive specialist LIQUI MOLY has highlighted three special oil additives formulated to reduce repair costs and extend engine service life. The performance and reputation of these additives can also provide a boost for factor retail business.

LIQUI MOLY specialises in engine protection and has three powerful additives, Oil Additive, Motor Protect and Cera Tec that offer all round protection.

Oil Additive is an excellent additive for older vehicles. It contains MoS2, a solid lubricant, similar to graphite. It forms a protective layer on the metal surface, preventing direct contact between adjacent metal surfaces in the engine. This is particularly important immediately after starting the engine, before the motor oil has circulated to all points. The Oil Additive has proven itself in cars around the world for over 60 years.

While the solid lubricant in LIQUI MOLY Oil Additive reduces friction in the engine physically, LIQUI MOLY Motor Protect accomplishes this function chemically. It contains so-called friction modifiers, which have a smoothing effect on the metal surfaces with which they connect in the microscopic area. Motor Protect is suitable for state-of-the-art cars and is intended for drivers who want a wear protection additive not containing any type of solid lubricants whatsoever.

LIQUI MOLY Cera Tec combines both physical and chemical protection.  This double protection makes Cera Tec a highly effective additive. It is also highly economical as each application can provide protection up to 50,000 kilometres.

All three additives reduce friction in the engine. This reduces the engine temperature and even lowers fuel consumption. They also mean the engine is better protected under extreme loads

New to range UFI filters

ufi-sep-18Now available in our UFI filters range:


Part No. 30.485.00 - Air Filter


C Classe C 63 10/14→

C Classe C 63 S 10/14→


Part No. 23.615.00 - Oil Filter


i30, Santa Fé II 2.2,

Tucson 2.0 CRDI.


Carens III 2.0,

Cee`d 2.0 CRDI,

Cee`d Sporty Wagon 2.0 CRDI,

Pro_Cee`d 2.0 CRDI,

Sportage II (JE) 2.0 CRDI


Part No. 30.710.00 - Air Filter


Tucson II 1.7, 2.0 CRDI


Sportage IV 1.7, 2.0 CRDI


Part No. 30.661.00 - Air Filter


RS3 2.5 TFSI Quattro,


Arteon 2.0 Bi-TDI 4Motion,

Passat 2.0 TDI 4Motion



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