wai-11-17We have recently completed a revamp of our WAI Starters and Alternators range, so that it fully matches product demand for the fast changing Irish car parc. It means that we have in stock and available the starters and alternators that garages want at the right price and in outstanding WAI quality.

WAI is a leader in global rotating electrics and these starters and alternators prove very popular with garages who know they can just fit and forget with total confidence.

  • Range tuned to the needs of Irish buyers.
  • Items in stock and available for immediate delivery.
  • New high quality units
  • Huge product range
  • Very competitive pricing
  • Detailed on TecDoc

neolux-groupWe are now entering the height of bulb season and making sure you are well stocked with the right range to meet demand is essential. You probably want to offer your customers an option that provides them with excellent value, but at the same time the last thing any driver wants is for a bulb to fail shortly after installation due to poor quality.

Our Neolux range, from Osram offers the perfect combination of good quality and value for money. NEOLUX automotive bulbs deliver excellent illumination at prices attractive to value-oriented consumers.

The NEOLUX car bulbs range provides versatile high quality 12 Volt headlight and auxiliary bulbs at affordable prices. It also includes specialty bulbs and the latest LED, Xenon and Halogen technology.

We also offer a comprehensive range of 24V commercial bulbs. Right now we are also offering some great stock package special offers to provide even better value on this great lighting solution. Contact your ADE representative or the telesales team for details.

LIQUI MOLY develops special hybrid additive.

lm-hybrid-addADE Oil and additive supplier LIQUI MOLY is launching an innovate Hybrid Additive, a fuel additive specially developed for hybrid vehicles.

Appropriately the Hybrid Additive is itself a hybrid, combining two properties to stabilize the fuel quality and clean the injection system.

The fact that the engine in a hybrid is not continuously in use means fuel remains in the tank for longer, while its short cycle operation can also cause injection problems such as carbon build up.   David Kaiser, head of Research & Development at LIQUI MOLY says, "The newly developed Hybrid Additive keeps the petrol quality stable, protects against deposits in the injection system and removes existing deposits."

Recognising the growing importance of hybrid vehicles LIQUI MOLY is also adding a hybrid pictogram to its 1 and 5 litre oil containers to make suitable oil selection easier.

New Liqui Moly Opel Oil

lm-opel-1New to our LIQUI MOLY range is Special Tec DX1, specifically formulated for Opel, Vauxhall and General Motors petrol engines.

The oil offers excellent lubrication, cleaning, cooling, corrosion protection. It also solves another issue. Some smaller engines and several larger, high-performance, engines with direct injection, suffer from an increased risk of premature ignition at low motor speeds. This means the petrol/air mixture ignites spontaneously in the combustion chamber before the ignition spark is created. This can lead to motor knocking. This can be a particular problem on some Opel and GM engines.

LIQUI MOLY Special Tec DX1 combats this issue. It fulfils the Dexos 1 Generation 2 standard of General Motors. Other car manufacturers such as Chrysler, Ford, Kia, Honda, Hyundai, Mazda, Nissan and Toyota also require oil with these properties for several of their models.

Special Tec DX1 is exclusively designed for certain petrol engines and is not suitable for diesel models.

UFI strengthens VW partnership

ufi-vagADE filter supplier UFI Filters has reinforced its OE credentials by renewing its partnership with Volkswagen with the production of a high-efficient diesel filter for Europe's "Van of the Year 2017", the VW Crafter 2.0 TDI Euro 6. The filter will be available for the entire range of engines.

UFI Filters has developed two different types of diesel filter for Crafter with different media to cope with differing fuel quality in different markets. For markets where the fuel available is particularly dirty or contains high concentrations of biodiesel, the "Water Separation" filter features a fully synthetic three-stage filter medium. For markets where cleaner fuel is available with a low biodiesel content the solution is a pleated cellulose filter medium. Both offer very high levels of filtration efficiency.

The decision by the OEM to locate the filter immediately behind the headlight inspired UFI Filters to develop a "plug-and-play" solution for the VW Crafter which facilitates both initial installation and subsequent maintenance operations. To ensure optimum resistance to vibration, temperatures and mechanical stress, the body is made from extruded aluminium using double-bead laser welding. This technological solution is the result of extensive work by the UFI Filters Research & Development division.

The VW Crafter filter will be available in the aftermarket sector from the first half of 2018 and will be an exclusive market first for UFI.


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