Manufacturers opt for BERU platinum plugs
beru-audiRe-enforcing its position as a true leader in original equipment spark plug supply, BERU (now BorgWarner BERU Systems) has announced two new major supply agreements with leading car makers Citroen and Audi.

The latest Citroen C3 is equipped with new BERU platinum spark plug technology, which the carmaker says improves cold starting and helps meet Euro 5 emissions standards.

"As an original equipment supplier for the new C3, BorgWarner BERU Systems is once again demonstrating its ability to assist vehicle manufacturers in developing key technologies to improve performance and reduce emissions," said Dr. Thomas Waldhier, President and General Manager, BorgWarner BERU Systems.

Showing its ability to cope with vastly different engine technology BERU is also the chosen spark plug supplier for the new eight cylinder Audi A8. Again a new-design platinum  plug has been used . These plugs have been specially designed to cope with the extreme conditions created in a V8 engine and to meet Audi’s high service life requirements.