fai-springsADE is pleased to announce that it will shortly be making another important addition to its product portfolio with Coil Springs from FAI being added.

Like all FAI products this range combines excellent quality with outstanding value and availability that carefully matches demand.

FAI coil springs are produced with top quality German steel using the latest cold coiling technology. All parts are subject to stringent quality checks and all springs have the FAI part number printed on them for easy identification.

FAI coil springs are manufactured to meet OE specification and are detailed in an illustrated catalogue which also includes cross references and a buyers guide. The current  catalogue covers approximately 260 part numbers which caters for a wide range of European and Asian vehicle applications. New product additions are also made on a regular basis to keep the range in tune with demand.

The poor state of many Irish roads at present means that these components are in increasing demand. With the FAI range ADE can therefore offer a great additional area of business potential.

It is of course recommended that coil  springs should always be replaced in pairs. Different springs on the same axle can affect the road handling and compromise the safety of a vehicle.

For more information contact your ADE representative or our telesales team.