Economy Drive

petrolWith fuel prices rising due to excise duty hikes and trouble in Libya, now is a good time to highlight how certain components can make a real difference to fuel economy.  Motorists and garages need to be made aware that faulty parts could be costing them big money in terms of wasted fuel, while other simple products can also dramatically boost economy.

Clogged filters mean engines are not performing at their best. A change of oil and air filter can greatly improve performance and economy and of course there is no better filter than OE MANN filters from ADE.

Faulty spark plugs or glow plugs mean that the ignition system is failing to perform properly and will be burning more fuel than required.  A new set of BERU replacement plugs from ADE provides optimum OE quality and can greatly boost economy.

Oil is now a highly complex engine component that plays a vital role in its smooth operation. Modern engines needs oils geared to their exact specification to perform at their best. Leave oil too long, or use the wrong oil and fuel economy will be adversely affected. Make sure use the right oil for the right job and insist on LIQUI-MOLY oils from ADE.

Lambda Sensors
Lambda, or oxygen, sensors play a vital role in engine performance, but are often overlooked at a service. They should be replaced every 50,000 km, or more frequently if subject to wear or damage.  A faulty sensor can have a dramatic impact on fuel consumption, increasing it by as much as 15%. ADE supplies an extensive range of OE BERU Lambda Sensors. These easy to fit items come with vehicle specific connectors making them safe and simple to install.

Cleaners and additives  
Injection cleaners and fuel additives from our LIQUI-MOLY range are a simple and very effective way to quickly boost fuel economy. We have additives for both petrol and diesel engines.

One example is the L2522 Injector cleaner.  Tests by influential German Auto Bild magazine confirmed the effectiveness of this product which was said to, “Offer real savings with both  fuel consumption and emissions reduced.”  The Injector Cleaner is particularly effective on cars with high mileage or cars that undertake many short journeys.