ufi-fuelUFI filters ensure more than 95% efficiency of the separation of water from fuel according to ISO 16332, thanks to the company's unique Deep Filtration Media. This ensures maximum motor protection and filtering efficiency, even in the presence of new bio-fuels which is why 6 out of 7 vehicle manufacturers rely on UFI fuel filtration.

Water, sediment and all the other pollutants in fuels, are especially harmful for cars. The diesel filter is a vital component for good vehicle conditions and performance, which is why UFI Filters has developed the most technologically advanced solutions to meet every requirement in terms of filtering efficiency, capacity to hold back dust, water separation and pressure drops. UFI Filters Deep Filtration Media, developed for OEM and present in the filters in the UFI Aftermarket catalogue, is a patented system created to guarantee optimum protection for the engine against water residue in the fuel, sediment, and even the smallest particles (up to 4 micron).

The petrol filters from the UFI Filters Aftermarket catalogue can guarantee long travelling distances and an extremely high degree of filtering of corpuscular pollutants. Usually with a body in steel or aluminium, they can withstand high operating pressure levels, at the same time helping to limit weight and consumption. Cellulose filtering material is able to block particles of up to 5 micron, with an efficiency level higher than 86% according to the ISO19438 specifications.