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jakop-carsWater Pumps, Steering and Suspension Parts, Timing Belt Kits, Wheel Bearings, Clutches, Brake Discs, and Brake Pads. All of these product lines featured in our Jakoparts portfolio have just had more major range extensions, emphasising the fact that Jakoparts is the brand when it comes to components for Japanese and Korean cars.

Full details can be found in the new complete Jakoparts 2011 catalogue which is now available from ADE. The new catalogue is packed with product references, technical information and illustrations to provide an invaluable source of information for anyone selling or fitting parts for Japanese and Korean vehicles.

But Jakoparts is not just about unbeatable range. It also offer excellent OE quality even for the latest models and low prices mean excellent value for money.

Order a hard copy of the catalogue today from your ADE representative or  telesales team. Don’t forget you can also access full and up to the minute information on-line at:
Bendix Latest
bendixOur Bendix Brake Pad range continues to go from strength to strength with expanding new sales, healthy repeat business and new part numbers being added to the line-up. The complete  range of OE quality pads for both cars and light commercial vehicles is very competitively priced and products offer outstanding ultra quiet braking performance and reduced brake dust.

Don’t forget we also offer high quality Bendix Brake Fluid in both DOT 4 and DOT 5 formulations.

The very latest addition to our Bendix range is the Bendix Wear Indicator Sensors Stand.
Summer Safety Checks
With most cars now on extended service intervals garages need to get a little more creative when it comes to keeping in contact with their customers and their vehicles. A summer safety check is a great way of doing this and is well worth encouraging as it can mean added business for all, while keeping the customer car safe and performing well.

It is a fact that during the summer drivers often expect their cars to do so much more. The simple commute can become a cross country journey and a car that normally only carries a single person suddenly has to cope with maybe five passengers and their luggage.

This can all mean added strain on brakes, shock absorbers, clutches and suspension components, so a pre-holiday check to make sure they can take the strain becomes a very sensible idea.  

No one wants to have car problems when they are away on holiday and a simple summer safety check is one means of avoiding this. Garages should have a clear safety check on display at their premises to include;  shock absorbers, brakes, coolant and oil levels, drive belts, air-conditioning, windscreen wipers and washers, and tyres. Any items found to be suspect can then be replaced with quality components to avoid problems on summer journeys.
Pump and belt combo kits
When replacing a timing belt, water pump replacement at the same time often makes sound economical sense. ADE can offer an outstanding range of options in this area with FAI Water Pumps and Timing Belts.

This is a genuine all makes programme covering European, Japanese and Korean cars and vans.    

The complete FAI water pump catalogue has over 1300 applications including many new model part numbers and when combined with ADE’s timing belt offer provides a great business growth opportunity.
Oil Change Filter Folly
mannoilOil has become increasing high-tech over recent years with manufacturers now using specific formulation for specific engines.  A high quality oil is indeed a wise choice because it can improve performance, boost economy, reduce emission and even extend the life of a vehicle. However, some garages and motorist are wasting all these potential benefit because they use a quality oil but fail to change the oil filter.

Oil acts as a lubricant, protects the engine from over-heating and offers effective protection against corrosion when working properly, but even the finest oil is constantly exposed to contamination. Over time, dust, tiny metal fragments, rust and other impurities collect in the oil and are spread throughout the oil circuit. A high-quality oil filter is the only effective way  to remove this contamination and ensure that the engine oil maintains its lubricating qualities.

A filter change pays off
Those who replace the filter in the course of an oil change protect their engine from premature wear and facilitate a long service life for their engine. This protection from wear is offered by a quality filter which is tailored to the requirements of the vehicle type. In standard products, corrosion and a poor seal can cause oil leakage, increased wear and long-term engine damage.

State-of-the-art filter technology
The MANN-FILTER range, offers state-of-the-art filter technology of the same quality as the original equipment filter fitted by the manufacturer. Special pleat geometry and high-quality materials ensure comprehensive dirt separation, high absorption capacity and, thus, a long service life of filter media.

Always choose the right filter
MANN-FILTER offers 322 different filter types for around 13,000 applications for passenger vehicles alone, the brand has a market coverage of over 99.2 per cent. Practical release devices assist the workshop to change the filter quickly and easily.

In these tough economic times it might be tempting to “let the filter go” until the next service, or perhaps choose a filter of an inferior quality to MANN. The message is that this is a totally false economy and even the very best oil can not perform at its best without a change of oil filter.

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