Tech tips for oil filter change
Oil filter changes are vital to the smooth running of an engine, but mistakes at time of fitting can lead to leaks, excess wear and even permanent engine damage. That is why it is not only important to fit a high quality filter but also to make sure it is fitted correctly. Here are some practical tips from MANN FILTER on the correct procedure for fitting a oil filters:

Careful Selection
Check and double check that the filter to be fitted is the right one for the application. The MANN-FILTER catalogue or online catalogue at can help you do this easily. Only the right OE quality filter such as that recommended by MANN can ensure the right engine protection and performance.

The filter should be checked before installation to ensure that it is sound and intact. If it was damaged during transport, this damage may cause leaks, stop the filter from functioning correctly or lead to malfunctions or increased wear on the filter.

A clean working environment makes all the difference when changing filters. Cleanliness prevents dirt and contaminants from entering the system causing malfunctions.

Spin-on filters
The sealing surface on the engine block and/or filter head must be cleaned before the new spin-on filter is installed. Cleaning prevents leaks at the sealing surface and loss of oil. It is also important to lubricate the seal of the new spin-on filter before it is installed. Otherwise uninstalling the filter will be difficult and time-consuming at the next service. In addition, tightening the new filter at a torque that is too low will result in a "dry" seal with a high adhesion factor, causing leaks. Care is needed when tightening the spin-on filter. If the fitter resorts to using a belt wrench, this can damage the filter housing. In order to avoid this, it is very important to follow the individual steps in the installation instructions printed on the spin-on filter. As stated in the installation instructions, the spin-on filter should be tightened by hand.

Filter elements
Filter elements must be very carefully installed in order to ensure that they are positioned correctly in the housing top. During installation, observe the "top" label on the end plates, as this will help the oil pressure to build up immediately after the engine is started. Otherwise the oil will flow from the top oil channels and filter housing back to the oil sump after the engine has been shut down. This also causes increased wear on the filter and means that the dirty and clean sides of the filter are not sealed off from each other.


Economy Drive

petrolWith fuel prices rising due to excise duty hikes and trouble in Libya, now is a good time to highlight how certain components can make a real difference to fuel economy.  Motorists and garages need to be made aware that faulty parts could be costing them big money in terms of wasted fuel, while other simple products can also dramatically boost economy.

Clogged filters mean engines are not performing at their best. A change of oil and air filter can greatly improve performance and economy and of course there is no better filter than OE MANN filters from ADE.

Faulty spark plugs or glow plugs mean that the ignition system is failing to perform properly and will be burning more fuel than required.  A new set of BERU replacement plugs from ADE provides optimum OE quality and can greatly boost economy.

Oil is now a highly complex engine component that plays a vital role in its smooth operation. Modern engines needs oils geared to their exact specification to perform at their best. Leave oil too long, or use the wrong oil and fuel economy will be adversely affected. Make sure use the right oil for the right job and insist on LIQUI-MOLY oils from ADE.

Lambda Sensors
Lambda, or oxygen, sensors play a vital role in engine performance, but are often overlooked at a service. They should be replaced every 50,000 km, or more frequently if subject to wear or damage.  A faulty sensor can have a dramatic impact on fuel consumption, increasing it by as much as 15%. ADE supplies an extensive range of OE BERU Lambda Sensors. These easy to fit items come with vehicle specific connectors making them safe and simple to install.

Cleaners and additives  
Injection cleaners and fuel additives from our LIQUI-MOLY range are a simple and very effective way to quickly boost fuel economy. We have additives for both petrol and diesel engines.

One example is the L2522 Injector cleaner.  Tests by influential German Auto Bild magazine confirmed the effectiveness of this product which was said to, “Offer real savings with both  fuel consumption and emissions reduced.”  The Injector Cleaner is particularly effective on cars with high mileage or cars that undertake many short journeys.


fai-springsADE is pleased to announce that it will shortly be making another important addition to its product portfolio with Coil Springs from FAI being added.

Like all FAI products this range combines excellent quality with outstanding value and availability that carefully matches demand.

FAI coil springs are produced with top quality German steel using the latest cold coiling technology. All parts are subject to stringent quality checks and all springs have the FAI part number printed on them for easy identification.

FAI coil springs are manufactured to meet OE specification and are detailed in an illustrated catalogue which also includes cross references and a buyers guide. The current  catalogue covers approximately 260 part numbers which caters for a wide range of European and Asian vehicle applications. New product additions are also made on a regular basis to keep the range in tune with demand.

The poor state of many Irish roads at present means that these components are in increasing demand. With the FAI range ADE can therefore offer a great additional area of business potential.

It is of course recommended that coil  springs should always be replaced in pairs. Different springs on the same axle can affect the road handling and compromise the safety of a vehicle.

For more information contact your ADE representative or our telesales team.



Ignition Alternatives
ADE will shortly be introducing a new alternative range of ignition coils. This will supplement our existing BERU ignition coils range and enable us to offer wider choice and a quality competitive alternative. The new coil range is OE quality and will be introduced shortly.
Manufacturers opt for BERU platinum plugs
beru-audiRe-enforcing its position as a true leader in original equipment spark plug supply, BERU (now BorgWarner BERU Systems) has announced two new major supply agreements with leading car makers Citroen and Audi.

The latest Citroen C3 is equipped with new BERU platinum spark plug technology, which the carmaker says improves cold starting and helps meet Euro 5 emissions standards.

"As an original equipment supplier for the new C3, BorgWarner BERU Systems is once again demonstrating its ability to assist vehicle manufacturers in developing key technologies to improve performance and reduce emissions," said Dr. Thomas Waldhier, President and General Manager, BorgWarner BERU Systems.

Showing its ability to cope with vastly different engine technology BERU is also the chosen spark plug supplier for the new eight cylinder Audi A8. Again a new-design platinum  plug has been used . These plugs have been specially designed to cope with the extreme conditions created in a V8 engine and to meet Audi’s high service life requirements.

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