FAI Timing Chain Kits
fai timingOur recently introduced range of FAI Timing Chain Kits is selling very well and offers excellent further sales potential as new part numbers are added. If you have yet to discover this range then call us today for a complete timing chain kit catalogue.

FAI Timing Belt Kit Replacement TBK484 Replaces TBK89

In line with changes made by the OEM FAI have replaced the T9306 with the new version T1192.

The only difference between the two tensioners is the gap
between bolt hole and edge of tensioner. This has reduced
from 16mm to 14mm. The T1192 is suitable for the same range of applications as T9306 however the T9306 is not forwards compatible with the T1192.

T1192 will now be included into kit TBK484 which replaces TBK89. This kit is a popular application for many Renault models including the Megane.
Three new catalogues - Thousands of new opportunities

Three brand new FAI catalogues are available from ADE this month giving details of thousands of new parts sales opportunities for your business.

FAI is one of the most proactive brands when it comes to introducing new components to cover the latest market needs, so why not make the most of the great opportunities these catalogues can offer by ordering your copies from ADE.

  • The FAI Timing Chain Kits catalogue provides full details of this excellent range with featured items now in stock at ADE.
  • The new FAI Steering and Suspension catalogue covers this hugely popular range with full details and illustrations of products even for the very latest models.
  • The new FAI Coil Springs catalogue covers this expanding new range which offers excellent application coverage and top end quality.

Newsflash: - Timing Belt kit information is now shown in the online FAI catalogue at Latest range additions include: 

TCK 60 - For Suzuki Models including Grand Vitara, Ignis, Jimny, Liana, Swift and Wagon R.
TCK 63 - For Nissan Almera MKII (with VVT)
TCK 59- For Toyota Auris, Avensis and Corolla models. 

For latest FAI application news please click here.
Jakoparts just got bigger

jakop-juneThe month we have once again made some very big additions to our Jakoparts specialist range for Japanese and Korean vehicles. We can now offer more parts and better coverage in:  Timing belts, Timing belt kits,Brake discs,Brake pads,Steering & suspension parts, Clutches. 

We also have many more product additions right across the board, all detailed in the comprehensive new 2011 Jakoparts catalogue.  Jakoparts are the Japanese and Korean replacement parts experts with over 14,000 parts for 5,400 vehicle models with all parts of OE quality even for the latest models.

Hard copies of the catalogue can be obtained from your ADE representative or by calling ADE telesales. You can also access full and up to the minute information on-line by clicking here



Welcome back to Fiamm Batteries

Fiamm is one of the most respected names in the automotive battery field with a reputation for quality and innovation. It is also a brand with a strong association with ADE. Fiamm batteries were first introduced to the Irish market by ADE many years ago and we are pleased to announce that Fiamm batteries will rejoin the ADE range this month.

It means that ADE customers will once again have access to this outstanding OE quality battery range. Fiamm is a leading supplier of starter batteries for the Original Equipment market and for the Aftermarket globally. Some of the most prestigious European car makers rely on Fiamm technology including: Opel, Mercedes Benz, Peugeot-Citroen, Renault, Ferrari, and  Maserati. The company is also at the cutting edge of battery innovation and is a leader in new technology  AGM batteries for hybrid and stop-start applications.

The return of Fiamm batteries to ADE means we can now offer a very comprehensive battery range to suit all needs and budgets, with Fiamm complimenting our Dynamic and Samauto battery ranges.


Tech tips for oil filter change
Oil filter changes are vital to the smooth running of an engine, but mistakes at time of fitting can lead to leaks, excess wear and even permanent engine damage. That is why it is not only important to fit a high quality filter but also to make sure it is fitted correctly. Here are some practical tips from MANN FILTER on the correct procedure for fitting a oil filters:

Careful Selection
Check and double check that the filter to be fitted is the right one for the application. The MANN-FILTER catalogue or online catalogue at can help you do this easily. Only the right OE quality filter such as that recommended by MANN can ensure the right engine protection and performance.

The filter should be checked before installation to ensure that it is sound and intact. If it was damaged during transport, this damage may cause leaks, stop the filter from functioning correctly or lead to malfunctions or increased wear on the filter.

A clean working environment makes all the difference when changing filters. Cleanliness prevents dirt and contaminants from entering the system causing malfunctions.

Spin-on filters
The sealing surface on the engine block and/or filter head must be cleaned before the new spin-on filter is installed. Cleaning prevents leaks at the sealing surface and loss of oil. It is also important to lubricate the seal of the new spin-on filter before it is installed. Otherwise uninstalling the filter will be difficult and time-consuming at the next service. In addition, tightening the new filter at a torque that is too low will result in a "dry" seal with a high adhesion factor, causing leaks. Care is needed when tightening the spin-on filter. If the fitter resorts to using a belt wrench, this can damage the filter housing. In order to avoid this, it is very important to follow the individual steps in the installation instructions printed on the spin-on filter. As stated in the installation instructions, the spin-on filter should be tightened by hand.

Filter elements
Filter elements must be very carefully installed in order to ensure that they are positioned correctly in the housing top. During installation, observe the "top" label on the end plates, as this will help the oil pressure to build up immediately after the engine is started. Otherwise the oil will flow from the top oil channels and filter housing back to the oil sump after the engine has been shut down. This also causes increased wear on the filter and means that the dirty and clean sides of the filter are not sealed off from each other.



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