Japanparts - Quality + Value + Range

feb-23-japOur Japanparts product range continues to expand both in terms of coverage and product sectors covered. It now goes far beyond its traditional strength in parts for Asian vehicles and now also offers a comprehensive portfolio for the European car parc.

Across all product groups Japanparts offers a combination of attractive prices, excellent quality and an extensive range tuned to current market needs. It means that Japanparts has become a brand of choice in a number of key product sectors for many customers.

Japanparts; brakes, clutches, filtration, electrical products, shocks and wheel bearings are already established as firm favourites. The Japanparts range offers 95%+ coverage on European cars with especially good offerings for VAG Group, FCA Group, Renault Group, PSA Group, BMW, GM, Land Rover, Mercedes and Volvo. It even covers rarer applications such as Cadillac, Hummer and Smart vehicles.

Our Japanparts range also benefits from our no nonsense pricing structure which is exclusive to motor factors and offers upfront discounts that allow customers to make a healthy margin and build their business.

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