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Batteries may be traditionally more associated with Winter, but this year the effect of vehicle inactivity due to Covid and sharp temperature variations is meaning that battery demand has remained strong into the summer.

At ADE we continue to offer the complete great value Oldham battery range and have excellent battery stock available for immediate delivery. We have also worked closely with our supplier to keep any battery prices increases to a minimum so the we can continue to offer the best battery value in the market.

A complete range of Oldham Batteries is available at very competitive prices including automotive, commercial and leisure applications. The range also includes amazing value on high quality, high performance Oldham AGM Batteries as well as standard starter batteries for all makes and models at very competitive prices.

Please contact your ADE representative or our telesales team for the very best battery deals.



A clogged or dirty cabin filter means dirty, unhealthy in-car air that may be harbouring dust, allergens and bacteria. It can also increase driver fatigue, mean unpleasant odours and create a dangerous windscreen mist.

In this time of heightened health and hygiene awareness, drivers and passengers will want clean in-car air and regular cabin filter changes are the only way to guarantee this.

Cabin filters should be changed every 15,000 km or at least annually. This means they should be changed at every service, providing a major business opportunity for all aftermarket businesses. Most cabin filters are now located in easily accessible locations and are quick and easy to change. ADE stocks cabin filters for all types of car, van, truck, tractor, bus, coach and off-road vehicles from three leading brands including Mann, UFI and Japanparts.

Trust in OE DAYCO Tensioners and Pulleys

ADE stocks a full range of DAYCO Tensioners and Pulleys. These are original quality components that perform to the very highest standards and the range covers a huge variety of applications.

Modern engines not only have to produced increased performance from often much smaller spaces and capacities, but also feature far more auxillary and accessory systems. It is therefore vital that the control components for accessory devices, with both fixed and automatic tensioning, must meet the growing needs of the vehicle manufacturers in terms of:

Increasingly reduced workspaces
Higher temperatures
Continuous stress
Increase in the component replacement interval

This means quality of tensioners and pulleys are vital and as an OE supplier Dayco quality is second to none. The range features;

FIXED TENSIONERS: The final tension on the belt is applied through the correct setting of the tensioner and remains constant over time. The belt tension is therefore determined during installation. Here the Dayco DTM Tensiometer is recommended to ensure that the system functions correctly.

AUTOMATIC TENSIONERS: These can be spring or hydraulic. They are dynamic tensioners because once properly installed, they are able to continuously adapt to the operating conditions of the engine and optimize the belt tension according to the different stresses received from the engine, in all operating conditions.

DLER PULLEYS: These are pulleys with or without support that help the belt circuit, effectively contributing to the restraint of misalignment and noise reduction.

Original quality or equivalent to the original quality Dayco tensioners and pulleys are available from ADE.


Total Engine Component Solutions

Did you know ADE offers a huge range of replacement engine components from some of the most respected suppliers in the business. We have carefully researched the market and put together a product offering that covers all your engine parts and associated system parts needs from high quality suppliers, many of whom are original equipment manufacturers.

The range covers not only cars, but also vans, trucks, buses, and off-road vehicles and agricultural equipment and has been designed to offer you a total engine parts solution.

Whether it is a simple service, repair, or total rebuild, ADE can provide the parts you need at great value prices backed by ADE expert service.


FAI Steering & Suspension - Ford Fiesta 2017>

Our FAI range includes a great selection of quality Steering & Suspension components for the latest generation Ford Fiesta.

This is one of the most popular cars on Irish road's especially as a first drive, meaning these parts are always in demand.

These quality Steering & Suspension parts are available from ADE.


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